Friday, April 23, 2010

What me? Refined?

After lunch I will be heading for Sacramento and my good friend, Lorraine's. Lorraine and I have the same taste in music so we are going to a concert tonight. It consists of Bach music - P.D.Q. Bach music that is. There will be lectures by Dr. Shickely of the University of North Dakota. It will be a wonderful evening. No doubt we will never stop laughing, as we did when seeing John Cleeve. One could say that our culture has no bounds.

Totally un related - we were powerless all day yesterday. The house was quite cold when I got up and even colder when I went to bed. How helpless one does feel when there is no power available.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You can learn something new every day!


Today was my first official docent training day at the Pelton Wheel Musuem. It was great - for one thing, the enthusiam of everyone was such a treat. Anyhow, among realities that I had never thought about and found quite interesting is the above chart. So, I thought some of you might be as overwhelmed as I am about all the pounds of stuff that my life required. What I really want to know, where if all that gold dedicated to me go?
P> S. I forgot to upright the drawing - sorry!
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A very special visitor!

Julie called to find out if I was home and would like to see her. I most certainly was home and even more certainly wanted to see her. We had several delightful hours of constant chatter. We discovered that we had the same outlook on health issues. Thus we had great fun exploring what we both hope will become a major part of medical treatment. She calls it something like taking control of your body while I have always sort of stumbled around on relaxation, being optimistic etc.

Her most exciting news is that next month she will become a college graduate with two degrees - neither of which I can identify. She has very exciting plans for summer and then off to Argentena with expections for futher training in her area of expertise - which is being much more than a midwife. I am not familiar with the title of midwifes with the training she has had and will have.

So, let's hear it for Julie - her feet firmly on the ground re where she wants to do with her life. And, let's all hope she gets into the graduate program at UCSF a year from now.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Last week = unreal!

Ah, yes, it started out with Easter dinner in Rocklin. Very good - of course. I stayed there Sunday night so I could be up and ready to depart early Monday morning. Karen and I headed for Napa around six and thus began two days best described as ridiculous. Yep, the great trial began. Barry's three sisters and his brother set out to have Barry removed as executor of their parent's estate. He was the "first witness" called to the stand and their attorney set out to trip him up. I was so proud of Barry as he quietly answered the questions with back-up where necessary. The Judge finally called off any further efforts to discredit him and said that he was obviously very knowledgeable. She suggested that they mediate other issues. That took the rest of Monday. Karen and I returned to Rocklin and then headed to Napa Tuesday morning - supposedly to quickly wrap things up. Oh, no - the sisters had thought up more things to argue about. We were there all day again - just when things looked ready to have it over with they would come up with more issues. Once again the courthouse had to remain open overtime. However, it was finally done. Barry was ready blow his top so Karen and I walked the streets of Napa with him and then had absolutely incredible ice cream cones and even did some shopping. We headed home after dark - thus I spent another night in Rocklin and I headed to my home Wednesday morning.
Friday P.M. I headed back to Rocklin to join Karen, Jen and Terry on a journey to Brian and Sarah's - we all wanted to atten a baby shower for you know who. We had a delightful visit with them - really enjoyed seeing the house they are renting and them also. The baby shower was Saturday afternoon and was really lovely. Karen went out to pick-up June Heck who had no way to get to the shower. (That was extremely kind of Karen.) June was so thrilled to be able to be there. She and I had a very nice time chatting - and chatting. Sarah received wonderful baby things. It was a special event. We enjoyed our time with Brian and Sarah the rest of Saturday. Sunday morning we headed home again and ended up in pouring rain. How nice it was to have a daughter and a grandaughter to do the driving. I did drive back to my domicile that evening - taking the "Lincoln Highway" - it is such a lovely drive and I certainly had had my fill of freeways.

As I said, last week was unreal. It does beat my normal weeks, however!