Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yes, the weather is frightful

Karen and Shellie were much on my mind all day the 24th and now early on Christmas morning. Twenty-seven years ago they sang "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" as the rain kept falling all day the 13th. That is, it kept falling until about 5:30 PM when it changed to snow. Now, that was a snowstorm. Later that Christmas eve, Russ, Karen, Shellie and Rich had made a snowman so huge that it was looking in the window with ease - the bottom of the window was at least 8 feet above ground. To add to the effect, they placed a large Mexican hat on the snowman - the type with a wavy brim. Christmas morning that hat had at least a foot of snow making it ever so impressive. On the ground - well, it measured at 28 inches. What a day! As I have often said, that snow was probably the best Christmas present the kids ever received - and the same goes for me. It was my favorite Christmas ever.

P.S. I am still waiting for the present rain to change to snow!

Another P.S. It looks like I am joining Karen and Barry and heading South and East for a week plus. If it works out, I will spend some time with sister-inlaw, Maryjane, at her son's home in "Surprize" Arizona.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Greetings one and all

What to say? - other than I truly hope that each of you has a very good day. Weather permitting, Rich and Chris will join Karen, Barry and me at the card table and the snack table.
They are due to arrive later today.
Friday, Karen and Barry have invited me to head South with them - we will spend the weekend with Brian and Sarah - and then ??? It will be great seeing my boy, Brian. He was a major part of my Christmas for so many years. This is the first year Jennifer,s life that she will not be part of my Christmas. Living at Lake Tahoe is not condusive to travel when snow enters the picture - also true of Moody Ridge - Janet and Greg are regualr Christmas fixtures that will be missing this year. Thus we are having a kidless Christmas.
A quick toss in of a long ago memory - ever so tragic. I was absolutely positive that I would get a bicycle for Christmas. It was dreadfully difficult to act excited over my shiny, new rollerskates. What pain to smile on the outside while so wanting to cry. Poor me!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Tires!

Greg's writing about having snow tires on his car reminded me of my Dad. He had four of the first snow tires, I believe. I know they were amazing tires. Anyhow, when there was no snow on the streets those tires sang. We would hear the singing tires from a block or two away and knew that Daddy was on his way home. It always made me feel happy to hear his tires. He only used them in the winter months.
How did we know the singing tires were his? Well, in the thirties there were not alot of cars in our neighbor hood and snow tires were even rarer. And, in fact, having a car was more unusual than not having one. Imagine - the teenagers survived! During the war years gas was rationed - teenagers again survived. We did alot of walking!
So now you know more than you ever wanted to know about snow tires and pathetic teenagers.

Friday, December 19, 2008

One Enchanted Evening

Oh, how trivial Karen made it sound - here is the real story!

The chariot arrived at my doorstep at about 5:30 PM. Prince Charming and his lovely Princess entered my home carrying gifts of - well, lets leave it at gifts. They then carried me of to their castle. The amazing Prince then donned his "chefs" disguise and proceeded to prepare a feast. The Princess and I went to the guest parlor where she amused me by playing the piano. Later the Prince joined us while the gourmet dinner he had prepared was baking. We had a couple of hours of merry chatter about the economy, the state of our state and the upcoming Christmas celebration.

It was 8:30 PM when we sat at the banquet table to feast upon roast duck with orange sauce and stuffing, potatoes ala baked, exquisite broccoli chunks and crisp fresh celery and carrots. It was magnificent! Prince Charming removed his apron and joined us.

Soon after eating it was time to return to my hovel in the hills. The Prince kindly got his chariot and took me there. He had to maneuver through a snowstorm and potential hidden dangers due to the snow and the darkness.

I went to bed shortly and dreamed about castles and the lords and ladies that dwell in such magnificence. Today I am singing "Some Day My Prince Will Come" - with too much doubt in my voice as it seems so unlikely at my age.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

How cold is it?

I am aware that the temp was to drop to low levels last night. I am also aware that the furnace came on frequently during the night to keep the inside temp at 55. But here I sit, shivering in my cozy robe - the inside temp is all the way up to 64 degrees - it is eight after eight and the furnace has be running since six thirty. I already dread my next gas bill.

So I have an hour to get sufficiently bundled up to head out the door and go play bridge. Life can be so difficult!

P.S. I truly remember going to highschool when the temp was 17 below zero. It was so cold that I was allowed to ride the streetcar - a four block walk from home. It all got quite complicated when the streetcar went off the tracks and we could not proceed on!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not So Glorious Snow

Yep, I am ready for rain - in any quantity, as long as there is enough to wash the blasted snow away. Snow is so beautiful and peaceful when falling - but at this point it is just white stuff that is complicating my life!
So yesterday I baked a bunch of potatoes and have 16 or so stuffed baked potatoes in my freezer - however, my freezer is rather full which means no more major cooking projects this week. I only did the potatoes all at once as I did not want them to start sprouting.
Today - laundry, some cleaning and remaking bed, finish Christmas cards and ironing - that should keep me busy! Certainly, one can not get bored when busy - or can they?
Enuf prattle - hope all of you are having a great day!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Glorious Snow!

It looked like we had 8-10 inches of the lovely white stuff. It crushed all the oleanders and shrubs to the other side of the front door. I did go out and attempt to revive them by freeing the multitude of branches that were smashed to ground level. One good size honeysuckle branch broke under the weight. Our street was plowed this PM - tis difficult to make it seem like a good job was done - it was a very selective job and probably will lead to one very icy hillside.

Yesterday I made seven full sized loaves of cranberry nut bread - you should have seen me up to my elbows in the dough as there was no other way to mix it thoroughly. It had seemed like such a good idea to tackle that recipe - that is, until I got into.

I look forward to learning how to post pictures on my blog - yes, I know, it is simple but not for simple minded folk. I have been tempted to give it a try on my own - but my computer was put on earth to cause me great frustration and I do not want to tempt it!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

How foolish is foolishness?

Yesterday, I took computer in hand to write an entry for my blog. There was no way some gremlin somewhere was going to allow that - I had to fill out some form - which I did complete with some none to friendly comments but it would not depart my computer. So I wrote an e-mail to the genuises that either live in my computer or in Lower Mongolia or who knows where. Today I (obviously) was able to sign-in without incident.
Well, I finally reconnected with Marge - a park resident who I knew in my HS years - she lived in Davenport, Iowa. Marge and I dated two V-12's that were also from Davenport and were stationed at Iowa State College in Ames, Iowa. What is a V-12 you ask? They were young men who were drafted and went into the Navy - had they continued in that education program they would have become officers. There were some thousands of them at Iowa State. I do not remember how I met Paul but we started dating the fall of 1943 til I went on my way when I headed for college in Am (whoops - I pushed the wrong button - see below!)
es the fall of 1944. Marge and I even went to the Great Lakes Naval Station the summer of 1944 to see our guys. There was no e-mail so Paul and I wrote daily letters to each other. (Stamps were 3 cents) So I went on my merry way and Paul ended up marrying Marge. Oh, yes - Marge and I first met at a summer camp for Presbyterian kids - neither of the guys were there - but another fellow from her area decided I was nifty and so I got to know all the kids from the Davenport/MolineIll. area .
Well, back to Marge - I had been warned that she had not aged well - it was quite a shock never-the-less. She is definitely a "little old lady" in appearance and manner. Truthfully, it was sad as we did have lots of fun when we were adorable teenagers. I promised her I would be over to see her after the holidays.
Well, that covers any and all exciting news and certainly is enough rambling.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Live and learn

I have been waiting for a really wonderful or funny thing to happen - still waiting! so there is the usual nothing to write about. Well, I did have that carpet cleaned - now that is exciting! I have semi-decorated for Christmas - and semi-shopped for same. I must investigate a class or two - not that I want to expand my mind but I like to fill time - thus I will look for fluffy classes. I could, of course, re-attack reupholstering the two chairs that have been out of service since last spring - of pick-up my needle and resume the counted cross stitch that I started many years ago. Unfortunately, I picked that project on the beauty of the finished picture - and ignored difficulty levels etc. Live and learn - not me!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The blasted noodles are cooking - such hard labor - especially when one cannot locate ones rolling pin. Unfortunately, I never got around to the onions and mushrooms so these are just plain old noodles - sorry, Rich.
Tis time for more vacations days - being home for three days makes me itchy to roam - so I am heading westward - all the way to Rocklin for turkeytime at Karen and Barry's. I plan to return to my saltmines Friday. How I wish you all could be there. (That makes it sound like I am going southward.) (I don't know who even reads my words of - who knows what?)

Monday, November 24, 2008

sittin' time

It seemed like a good idea to attack my house this morning - and so I did with gusto - but I am fresh out of gusto at the moment. But it has almost been fun sort of restoring sanity on the household front. I do expect a reward - certainly my missing tv control will turn up in some mysterious spot where only a four year old would deposit treasures. It is difficult to enjoy tv when one cannot switch channels at ease.
Tis time to call Shellie and wish her a most happy day - Barry also - but I think I will wait til he is home from work.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


My 13 1/2 hours of Ragtime music was much better than Janet's ridiculour concert, I am sure. I even enjoyed this one more than my first one a year ago. And yes, Lorraine and I are planning to go next year. It certainly is a day I would recommend to anyone.
Shopping with Karen Friday was fun, of course - not terribly successful but still fun. I has also bummed around with her Thursday afternoon in Roseville at my least favorite mall - and I could care less if it is the largest in our territory.
Jen and the boys have departed - I am sure it was a good weekend to not be here. I had thought they would still be moving when I arrived home at noon today but it is obvious that they got everything packed up and off to South Tahoe.
Yikes - almost time to give noodles serious consideration - at least I should start griding the onions and mushrooms so they will be ready.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I am off for a "vacation" weekend with friend Lorraine in Sac. I am meeting Karen for a tour of 250 (that can not be) new shops at The Galleria. Then on to Lorraines for the evening. Tomorrow will be my great shopping day - Karen is meeting me at our favorite spot - Good Old Gottschalks Attic. Sat is the wonderful all day Ragtime Festival. Home again Sunday - with a meeting at 2:00 related to all our local problems. Jen et al will be moving to Tahoe this weekend - i.e. I am missing out on alot of mass confusion.
I forgot to tell you that I saw my heart doctor Tuesday - I had hoped to start giving up some meds but not yet - my bloodpressure was high (for me) - I realized later that the three cups of coffee I had previous to my 9:30 appt. were probably the cause. So, once again, I scratch coffee off the list.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Goo Day

Ah, yes - Jennifer and the boys returned yesterday afternoon. Their actual plans are unknown to me but they will be moving to Tahoe. The little guy is determined to learn how to turn from his back to his stomach - I remember watching Russ's efforts to achieve this marvelous feat. (Sorry, K, S and R - the first child's development is so fascinating plus there is time to watch - and truthfully, I was ironing clothes while watching when he made it over.) (Yes, I had to iron clothes - and they were "starched and sprinkled" to boot.) (Yes, it is weird that I even remember what I was doing at that momentous moment.)
Enuf - M-G

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fun and games

Well, sometimes it does seem like fun and games - then there are all the others days and months and years. Ah, well - I am in the fun and games mode at the moment.
My fun yesterday was taking part of my once gorgeous old bed and starting the necessary destruction to turn it into a sort of night stand that will stretch between two beds in the yellow guest room. It will be quite a unique and gorgeous piece when done. As you all know, I am much better at starting projects than I am finishing them - but I am so anxious to see how this works that I will continue my attack - I have to figure out how to really dismantle - i.e. I have done the easy part - which, by the way, wasn't that easy.
I head to Sacramento Thursday - will return on Sunday. Saturday Lorraine and I will spend the day at the "Ragtime Festival" - it was such fun last year and we both have high hopes that it will be even better this year. Friday will be a day of shopping - always fun!
Jen is up at Lake Tahoe for a few days - she and Tommy/Gavin went up Sunday. It appears that she and Matt are trying to work things out. It would be wonderful if they can. I have seen Matt quite alot recently - and he quite nice to Terry and, of course, bonkers about his own son. Anyhow, the latest word is that she will be moving up there this month.
Yesterday my partner and I had such a fun game and I was certain we would be first - we were second with a rather nice game but not nice enough. Boo-hoo. M-G

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back again

Thanks to Karen I can take computer in hand again and say "Hi!" to everyone who has nothing better to do than read this foolishness. Perhaps I will add some news later or tomorrow - or next week. Love to all

the marvel of instant glue

Without the glue mothers would scream loudly!

he's all grown up

Can you believe it - after a big dinner Greg was pushing the ceiling out.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More bloggy foolishness

It is 8:34 AM and I am exhausted already. I spent the last half hour herding kids around while their mother prepared to take them to the doctor in Auburn - appointment time - 9:00 AM. And they were underway five minutes or so ago. Fortunately, Terry is very helpful - I cannot say the same thing for Tommy/Gavin - he mostly wailed.
Last week Terry "dictated" an e-mail letter to his Uncle Brian - a very short letter as he quickly lost interest. His very super Uncle wrote an e-mail letter back which I read to Terry this morning during a quiet moment - it all seems to be over his head as he was answering every question that Brian asked as I read the letter. It does make one realize that there is so much that seems normal and natural to me that has to seem weird to Terry.
Bad bridge yesterday - ugh! And I cannnot put all the blame on my partner - as it happens she expects to learn alot by playing bridge with me and she does have alot to learn but I did play extremely dull minded bridge - extremely! I played with her once a couple of years ago and my advice then was that she needed to focus on what was happening at the table - and that was my main recommendation yesterday.
I sort of plan to get the vacumn out today and at least smile at it - if it smiles back I may turn it on and let it run around in my bedroom. What a treat! If anyone would like to have the joy of following my happy vacumn around just come on over.
So, have a good day -

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shock! I never expected anyone but family would read my blog - somehow, someone stumbled onto it. Perhaps it will lead to fame and fortune.
So, I am busy sewing bells onto the outfit I will wear Greg's opening night - having promised I will be there with bells on I have no choice. Although, my ever so kind and gracious grandson has turned into such a tyrant I am quite fearful of his wrath - will bells upset him, or will no bells (as promised) upset him. Do I dare make gentle George Bailey angry?
Showers today and tomorrow - still much needed. I am determined to accomplish something today since I failed to do so yesterday. Somehow, doing the dishes just does not qualify - maybe I need to go shopping - ah, yes - that certainly qould qualify!

Friday, November 7, 2008

November 7th already . . . .

Today I intend to accomplish something worthwhile. Already I have attempted to explain to Terry everything he needs to know about teaspoons, 1/4 teaspoons, 1/2 teaspoons and tablespoons. And I attempted to explain why builders measure things. He more or less listens and then bounces on his merry way. Four year olds are delightful. I do hope to have a cookie baking session with him - he will see all the measuring spoons in action.
Tommy (formerly Gavin but being officially renamed after Matt's father) is almost three months old and quite a mellow little guy. He is very smart - he already knows that a smile brings a great reponse. I have yet to hear him during the night. I really enjoy watching him as he works to master the art of turning from his back to his stomach.
Jennifer is working alot plus having to drive an hour each way - plus depositing and picking up the kids. Terry is going to pre-school and his dad is very helpful when she has to work late. The baby stays with a friend.
Me - well, my partner and I were first at bridge yesterday - ah, I have accomplished something this week. And so it goes - seldom boring!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Twists and Turns

Yes, I know - life would indeed be dull if nothing every interfered with one's normal routine - I find I have to repeat that frequently with hopes that I might believe it
So, O.K., the latest! Jennifer called me yesterday morning and asked if she and the boys could stay here for a week. After establishing a few house rules, I agreed to take them on. It is, of course, delightful to have Terry around and the baby (almost three months old) is great fun - and, of course, having time with Jen is special. However, she is very busy - work, getting Terry going in preschool and caring for the baby. Today she works until ten tonight - starting at one - so I won't see them later as it will be too much later! Where she plans to go in a week is unknown by me - but when we have a chance to sit and chat I expect I will find out.

Not that I don't have enuf to deal with, Rich requested thousands of homemade noodles at the Great Thanksgiving Dinner that Karen and Barry are hosting. Plain old noodles - and I was exploring my "new to me" cookbooks for the great recipe for something so special that all would be amazed. I think I will have to mix finely chopped mushrooms and onions to the noodles so they will fill the amazing bill. Ha!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Never changing

No - I am not referring to the weather. It is just that decision making meetings never change. This morning I attended our homeowner's monthly meeting and left it thinking about PTA meetings as far back as Woodland Hills To be honest, at least we had men at our meeting - but then, we did not have slightly senile senoirs at the PTA meetings.
And the rain returned - just a lazy shower so far. We had a few inches over the weekend. We really need to welcome all rain as there seems to be quite a concern re water for our faucets in coming years.
I noted that Karen is planning the Great Thanksgiving Gathering. Both she and Barry really hope to have all of you there. And I am studying my recipe books for the perfect something - any requests?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

November Greeting
Be sure to change your clock the right direction when you head for bed tonight. Well, that gives me a fair amount of time to figure out what the right direction is.
I wasn't going to blog today - then I read all the other blogs and could not resist throwing in my Wisdom! or perhaps my shame. Like, I got bored with the cat and the vultures and missed out on all the real fun. That seems to be the story of my life - too wise or too lazy.
Now, we do need to recruit more grandchildren to this world of blog - Shellie, I will e-mail your darling daughters with an order from Gramcie's headquarters. Would Gem or Gus like to leap into this madness? - several of you could check that out.
Yesterday I bought two cookbooks - and am looking forward to trying some "new" recipes - like I don't have hundreds of never tried recipes in the dozen or so cookbooks I already have. Why do "new" cookbooks have such a moment of inspiration followed by residing on the shelf with all the other formerly inspiring cookbooks. Certainly on of you can solve this great mystery.
Have a good day - each and all of you - G

Friday, October 31, 2008

Great excitement in Grass Valley

Weaver's Car dealership has no cars - this morning there were car transport trucks lined up along the street in front - tonight there is not a car in sight (Karen and I drove up to case the situation) and the lights are mostly out. It is, of course, rather sad as quite a number of people are out of work now. Weaver claims he will find another source and get going again.
The day was quite busy - K and I went to Rocklin - Jennifer came there also so I helped her pack up her remaining worldly goods while K did some work upstairs and mowed the back yard. It was not a happy day in the true sense but it had to be.
But then we went to a Goodwill Store and I found two wondeful cookbooks and a jigsaw puzzle - another one with cardinals, Shellie. And speaking of that puzzle it is time to take it on. M/G
P.S. The rain was lovely and has started again this evening.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Merry Halloween to all-
I just had pumpkin soup - quite good and no doubt as close as I will get to a pumpkin this year. There was a luncheon following bridge - where, in fact, my partner and I came in first. I wore my classy Walmart Halloween sweatshirt and it was pronounced the prettiest anyone had ever seen - one friends said it looked like a combination 4th of July/Halloween sweatshirt.
That would be all the news other than I got brave and went to Karen and Barry's for dinner lst night in the collapsing house! Good dinner - good company - and the house still stands.
Love to each and all - M/G

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good Morning,
Ah, a day and a half of beautiful weather ahead and then out with the rain gear and the warm jackets. We certainly need a good soaking rain and it sounds like that is coming.
So it will put a "damper" on Halloween - that is too bad. I was sharing some of my Halloween memories with Karen and will amaze you all with my stories. But first, an incredible memory of Halloween last year when I went "Trick or Treating" with Terry - that was very special. Back to memories - we started making the rounds about a week before Halloween. That was normal - how things have changed in seventy plus years. We did not say "Trick or Treat" - our chant included mentioning the use of saop - in fact, it was a threat - give us some candy or we will soap your screens or windows. Yes, we did carry soap with us.
We were all scared of a neighbor down the street as rumor had it that Mr. Simms would come to the door with a shotgun in hand - we skipped that house.
I am ashamed to admit that I did, at least once, standby while my brothers let air out of the tires of a car parked along the street. I rather imagine that this happened other times but I truly have just the one specific memory. However, we never filled garbage cans with water and propped them against the front door and thenknocked and ran. This did happen.
I really marvel that our parents allowed us such freedom - while we certainly were safe on the streets the whole week had to be somewhat of a nightmare for most families. We did cover alot of territory - never going to the same house twice. I have no memory of ever using the soap - not that I was even almost a goody twoshoes - it was probably the lack of courage.
Enuf rambling - Love to one and all - M/G

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What shall I write about?

Good Morning kids and grandkids,
Tis a gorgeous fall type day - a tad warm - but it looks like fall. I am still recovering from spending a few days at Shellie's with Rich and Chris. It was really great! If you have followed Rich's and Shellie's blogs you know that I never was a winner - of course, they all refused to play bridge! Also got to see Julie and Noah and their incredible home - wow - looking out upon such openess with cows, sheep, a goat and a donkey. No pigs - what a shame!
My head is still full or memories of the roundabout drive that Rich, Chris and I made to get from Shellie's to Julie's - like driving down 101 would be quickest but so boring - thus, we went by way of the Pacific Ocean - probably three hours out of the way but it was such a fantastic trip. The ocean was sometimes very fierce in the greyness of the fog - and then all of a sudden beautiful with sunshine and waves splashing on rocks - then back to fierce. Backroads do have it all over the short route.
Well, I am on my way - Love to each of you - Mom/Gramcie