Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Me - part of the Greatest Generation?

Being rather slow minded it just hit me this morning that I am truly part of the greatest generation. So, how did World War 2 affect me? Well, it did cause a shortage of guys - well, that is tragic when you are a teenager! Now and then a bunch of us rode in a truck to dance with soldiers at some nearby base. One time, a young soldier and I enjoyed each other so much that we wrote to each other for a long time - I never knew if he survived the war or not. The WAAC's began their training at Fort Des Moines - there were quite mixed feelings about women in the Army. My two years at college were minus the usual Fraternity guys - again, it just wasn't fair to all us self-centered girls. I only knew one fellow that was killed in action - he was my date for the great night on the town following graduation. One of the guys from church had a severe arm injury. Oh, yes, I was in charge of selling "stamps" in my highschool homeroom - ten cents each, you filled a book and had enough to buy a War Bond. I also volunteered at the USO - and really enjoyed having the really thick chocolate for sundaes at my disposal - and dispose I did! All in all, I realize now how dreadfully self-centered teenage girls are - worried about my two brothers in the Army - no, not really. O.K. - I was part of the "Greatest Generation" but only by age.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Heaven Came Down

and glory has filled my eyes! Barry and Karen came with an early Mother's Day gift for me - a most gorgeous dogwood tree that is covered with rosy-pink blossoms - and it is quite large and very beautiful. Not only that, but they have planted it in a whiskey barrel. Along with that, the three of us put the redwood tree collection of four into larger pots that I had bought for them and - Karen and I pulled alot of weeds. All in all - a major surprize - and certainly a special one.
Oh, yes - Barry will be in South Africa for a week or so - he leaves next Friday. It looks like he will go back for several weeks in the summer = which I guess would be winter in South Africa.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sweet and Sour


Good heavens - how could that sweet little girl on the left be the same girl as the toughy of the right? What do you mean? Are you saying that those pictures are a good representation of you mother/grandmother? I guess that I was probably two and a half - but maybe three and a half.
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sort of successful

I have spent hours making 80 plus return labels that are not return labels. I was asked to produce something that would show all the former bridge players in our Unit that have died. It seemed to me that the easy way was to use stick on labels - and that was a good idea. What prolonged my labors was gathering all the names - which required going through numerous old albums related to our Unit. Then, I had to deal with my computer and my ignorance - the latter frustrates my computer. After lots of trial and error I was happily typing labels and was virtually done - when I decided that I did not like the font. Not knowing that had I made a file of names I could have easily changed the font, I proceeded to start over again. They are done - they are properly (almost) mounted and they will make some kind of an impression at tomorrow's game. That noise you hear is my giant sigh of relief!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

No Baskets

Here it is, Easter Sunday morning and there is not one Easter basket, not one colored egg, not a yellow marshmallow chicken in sight - sometimes growing up is not so much fun. I am considering going out and buying a chunk of ham (not supposed to be part of my menu) and a sweet potato so I can at least have a sort of Easter Dinner. Of course, I should whip up some roll dough and make a lemon pie. Ah, well - I will not have that dreadful green "grass" to vacumn from my carpets - or a ton of leftovers. To be honest, I wish I would have to deal with both.
Just to reassure all of you - I am not down in the dumps - just remembering.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Rather Ancient History


Quite a few years ago, three of us in the local duplicate bunch were known as "The Revoke Sisters". We sang at special events at our local bridge gatherings - things like 80th and even 90th birthdays, new life masters, special members moving away. The latter event prompted our singing for Marye Jane - one player that everyone loved. Yours truly composed the lyrics - Peg was the only sort of singer in the trio - Barb and I "sang" with great enthusiam.
A sample of lyrics follows - to the tune of "Oh, My Darling Clementime" on any old key.
At a bridge club, in Grass Valley

Plays a player, Marye Jane.
But she's leavin'
We're all grievin'
Our tears flowing for Marye Jane

Be sure you have some extra beds
Cuz we'll come to visit you
But we promise - seldom longah
Than a week or - maybe two.

The chorus - after each verse
Oh, our darling. Oh, our darling.
Oh, our darling, Marye Jane
You are movin' away forever
Dreadful sorry, Marye Jane.

Amazingly, club members often request that we sing - once for a couple's 60th anniversary. She was q rather crotchery lady and I was a tad concerned - but her husband made the request. She was so thrilled that she wanted the copy of the lyrics to show her children. All I remember is a parody of "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face" - changed to have him saying that he had grown accustomed to her bids etc. - and then a version with her saying that she had never grown accumstomed to his bids etc.

It was great fun!
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Air Borne

How about three cheers for Air borne - or is it my imagination? Terry came down with a dreadful headcold last Friday - while I was enjoying his company and his Mom and little brother were off to Auburn. Anyhow, I started taking Airborne that afternoon and continued on Saturday - and seem to have avoided the pleasure of Terry's germs that he was joyfully sneezing all over the place. I can only assume that you are all thrilled to read my testimonial.

Brief aside - My sister, Jeanne, would have been 88 yesterday. None of the "kids" in this group could have any memory of her although she bounced both Brian and Jennifer on her knee, so to speak - and probably Julie. I must add, that I still miss her.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I spent most of yesterday, Sunday, feeling rather rotten - cold - oh, so cold. I had pretty well decided that I could not go to a late afternoon party at Barb's - but about four I realized that I felt just fine and the sense of freezing had ended so I hopped through the shower and headed to Barb's.
It was great! All four of her kids were there - one from Hawaii, one from South Carolina, one from Roseville and one from next door. Anyhow, I got to know all those kids when they were much younger - like twenties and early thirties and Sonja, who was 13. My kids can grow up but it is always such a shock to see hers so grown up. So we sat on the deck and talked and talked. There were four other outsiders there plus assorted spouses and children belonging to Barb' kids. Her next door dwelling son, Lance, bar-b-qued hamburgers for all and Barb and her girls prepared all the fixings - so it was a casual but very good supper. Anyhow, I came home with the great feeling that I was glad I hadn't missed being there.
Question - is "hers" correct or should it be "her's"?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Too Quiet!

Jen and the boys headed home yesterday and my dull routine has returned - sort of! I really did enjoy their visit - although their last night here was rather complex as Terry came down with an enormous head cold and by night time he was miserable and thus Jen had a rather miserable night. Fortunately, Tommy decided to really cooperate and did not complicate things. I knew that Jen and Terry were sleeping in "Karen's" bed so that Terry would not waken Tommy. So, when I heard Tommy was ready and raring to go in the morning I grabbed him so he wouldn't wake his Mom and Brother - only to find Terry happily watching cartoons on TV and Jen asleep on the floor below his chair. As things worked out, Tommy fell asleep in my arms following his bottle so I HAD to hold him for over an hour while he slept and that let Jen sleep. So I miss them all!!
Last night I became a movie buff - watching three and heading to bed just before two this morning. I saw "Best of Show", "Spinal Tap" and "Silverado" - the latter is good old western and I just never watch westerns - but this one had Kevin Klein in it and I am a true blue Kevin Klein fan. Once again, Turner Classic Movies came through - although none of these movies are old enough to be classics.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Great accomplishment!

Not by me, but by my youngest great grandson. It was too bad that Jennifer did not get to see what he did. All by himself he worked his way to a standing position - with me hovering (un-noticeably) in case his project did not work. He started with both his hands on the low table that holds the old hardware whatever. Then he eyed the uper reaches and got one hand up there and then two - his next major project was getting his feet underhime so he could stand erect - once that was accomplished he went after the Tv control, my cell phone, the other phone. It was absolutely enchanting to watch him work out all the little details of this wonderful adventure. I wish you all could have been here.