Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My very special day!

Yesterday was not it! I spent yesterday recovering from "my very special day" on Monday. It started when Shellie called to day that she would be here Monday afternoon and would be staying overnight. Wow!!!!! So, I headed off to bridge - it happened to be a special game requiring all players to be "Senoirs" (i.e. over 55 - rediculous) - my partner and I won the whole thing - better than all 25 pairs involved. Headed home - evidence indicated that Shellie had been here and taken a shower etc. and then went off ot organize her highschool class reunion. We had discussed going out for dinner but I decided to fix a simple, healthy type meal as she had mentioned healthy. At some point I learned that Karen, Jennifer and Gavin would be joining us for dinner so all I had to do was expand what I was planning and add a three plates to the table (Karen had to leave to tutor so I removed one). What a delightful time we had! Lots of chatter - lots of laughing and a ton of pure joy! After Jen and Gavin left, Shellie took on a major project that she had to complete for Jeff's and the business's sake - she went slightly nuts fighting with my computer - she did win in the end. After a not too quality nights sleep we chatted again while eating breakfast and later she departed to visit friends etc. before heading home. She called that evening - she was halfway home - driving in pouring rain. Me, I was enjoying the Olympics (sort of) and still rejoicing over "my very special day"

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I don't recall ever giving anything up for lent. However, I was inspired this year to do just that. So, I gave up - - breathless anticipation by all - - I gave up "not exercising". For six weeks I intend to exercise in some fashion for at least fifteen miinutes a day. I did start a day early as I needed to go to the store, so I walked down and all around that strip mall area, did my shopping and walked home. As you know, that walk home requires walking up a rather steep hill. Yesterday, the first official day, I walked down and again, here and there for fifteen minutes, did my shopping and walked back home - again the hill. To add to my great accomplishment, I walked to the park's clubhouse for a potluck and then walked home - and that meant tackling the hill. I know you are all overwhlmingly impressed!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A groundhog in Connecticut

Ah, yes - it was a groundhog that inspired Karen to leap into this world fifty-eight years ago in Groton/New London, Connecticut. And arrive she did - almost in a flash! And I was so thrilled to have a daughter. In fact, I was higher than a kite as she was in such a hurry that there was not enough time to dope me up - ah, memories of pure joy!
Ever so often, I check myself out - can I still walk up my hill is my test. I did it yesterday - which, thus means I don't have to get carried away with execise. How is that for self serving logic?
Oh, yes - I threw together the most delicious chicken/vegetable/noodle not quite soup Sunday. Why is it that just throwing things near at hand into a pot will often beat out closely following a recipe? It will be an anticipated dinner the rest of this week.
It seems I am just full of odds and ends (like my not quite soup) and that just leads to an odd blog that needs to end.