Sunday, January 31, 2010


Since two family members have pushed and shoved me into taking my keyboard in hand and continue my ramblings - well, here I am. Not truly back "in the mood" but if you will bear with me, I will bear with you.
So, what's new. Well, I decided yesterday to make another batch of cranberry bread which many of you enjoyed (I think) at Christmastime. Anyhow, it just seemed different - not at all like I remembered - but I forged ahead and while two loaves were baking I washed up the assorted bowls, spoons and measuring cups. Reality struck in the process! I could not locate my one cup for measuring dry ingredients - brilliantly, I had used my one half cup. i.e. two cups of flour instead of four - one cup of sugar instead of two - likewise the nuts. So, all the cranberries floated to the top and came out quite well baked. Actually, it tastes quite good - but does not MEASURE-UP to what it should be.
I was typing with both hands involved - but my left arm is now screaming "Remember me?" It has been angry since Christmas, but didn't holler once yesterday - so I decided it had recovered. Not! Having done this whole paragraph with my right hand I will now give it and you a break.