Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thoughts while thinking - or something?

Although I really enjoyed my six hour plus stint at the museum yesterday, I found myself wishing I had sufficient fortitude to go over to the luncheon honoring Julie. I am quite proud of what Julie had accomplished and certainly should have been there - unfortunately, my courage is far too wounded. Enuf said!

Now it is share time! I am quite excited about getting back into the two books I have that Norman Cousins wrote regarding sickness and attitude(and much more). Both of these books had a major impact on me many years ago - starting around 1975. Anyhow, in rereading them I have realized that these books had really played a major role in my year of cancer treatment, my continuing treatment regarding my heart, and even when I had to deal with my broken ankle. My "yet another adventure" philosophy came directly from his writings. I highly recommend "Anatomy of an Illness" and/or "The Healing Heart" as a means to consider what you can do should a major illness come your way.

I have also been reading alot of books re mining for gold in this area - and continue to understand better the stuff we have at the museum. My buddy, Bedford, is happy now that I can lead tours. Me too!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Alot of nothing about nothing

I am totally lost when it comes to "Lost" but have enjoyed the frustrations that both Janet and Greg have endured over the many "Lost" years. Hopefully there will be a special program for them next year - perhaps entitled "Found" or some such. Me, I have followed "All My Children" since the summer of 1972 - I still find it ridiculous and a waste of time - but there is such a thing as loyalty.
Jennifer came to my museum Saturday - a lovely surprize. Saturday was my giant step for mankind day as I started leading tours. Jen, of course, had wanted to meet the man with the royal sounding name - but he wasn't there. Oh, yes - there is a new addition to the incredible collection at the museum. They now have a giant bellows -and I do mean giant. It is 10-12 feet long and 5-6 feet wide - and absolutely beautiful.
Barry and Karen took me out for Chinese food Friday evening and then back here and we chatted and laughed etc. until eleven - great fun! On Sunday Barry returned - he replaced the filter in my furnace - the old ones had not been disturbed for several years. Of course, unlike most furnaces mine is not easily accessible - so out came the step ladder and up he went - a most awkward project. How fortunate I am to have Barry near at hand.
Seeing as how my abode's interior needs some TLC (so does the yard) I think I will hop to and accomplish some good things.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Total Frustration! and I do mean TOTAL!

Hidden in my cell phone is a picture of my brand new great grand daughter - and I can't find it. This I know - she is three weeks early - she weighs almost six pounds - she had dark hair - and she is absolutely the most adorable baby ever created.
I suspect that Brian is floating on clouds that don't exist - that Sarah is incredibly happy and somewhat weary - and that both are just plain estactic as they gaze upon their little marvel. Now the question is, which of the two names they were considering will be the one - or will they name her after me, as I suggested.
Me, I am ready to break open my cell phone and find that picture! ( I am also quite happy for Brian and Sarah and their wee little daughter.)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shellie continues to boss me around!

I just had a nice chat with "that girl" known as Shellie - she wants me to write a blog today re how things went yesterday docenting. Well, it went very well, indeed! My partner - Bedford Lampkin, by name - is such an incredible tour guide - this leads to incredible donations to the cause. Anyhow, so far, I insist that he lead the tours while I do the nitty gritty. Shellie agreedv that he does need a nickname - somehow it seems like a totally English name (he is from Alabama) and we decided that "lord" would be appropriate.
Ah, yes - Mother's Day - I have a sweet potato something in the oven which I will take down to Rockland later this morning to go with whatever Karen, Barry and Jennifer throw on the table down there. I am staying overnight as I am needed to babysit at some point tomorrow. I do hope it is short term, as long term with one or both boys would wipe me out - and possibly them, also! (Like telling them it is bedtime at 4:30 P. M.)
Thus all the excitement in my life continues.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Following Orders (from Shellie)

I take computer in hand in a very fearful manner - will my blog reach Shellie's high expectations?
Before my debut as a docent - eons ago, in fact - I went to the PDQ Bach event and was sort of disappointed. I did laugh alot but it was not a concert with an orchestra. One piano, two singers and the "Professor" who did alot of talking. He has aged - walks with a cane - and remains quite funny. As I said, it was sort of disappointing.
Last Saturday was my first day as a real, genuine docent at the mining museum. Today is my second day etc. I was the official greeter and good-byer. My partner led the tours - he is so well informed about all the goings on that I feel quite inadequate. He was not involved in mining but has been involved in the Historical Society and a docent at the Empire Mine since moving here. We were not overwhelmed with visitors so it was a leisurely day and did collect what he considered an amazing amount in donations. I did a fairly good job of cleaning the bathrooms before we left - I rather think I left them cleaner than they have been in quite a long time. Hoorah for me - I do have a talent!

Following Orders (from Shellie)