Friday, October 31, 2008

Great excitement in Grass Valley

Weaver's Car dealership has no cars - this morning there were car transport trucks lined up along the street in front - tonight there is not a car in sight (Karen and I drove up to case the situation) and the lights are mostly out. It is, of course, rather sad as quite a number of people are out of work now. Weaver claims he will find another source and get going again.
The day was quite busy - K and I went to Rocklin - Jennifer came there also so I helped her pack up her remaining worldly goods while K did some work upstairs and mowed the back yard. It was not a happy day in the true sense but it had to be.
But then we went to a Goodwill Store and I found two wondeful cookbooks and a jigsaw puzzle - another one with cardinals, Shellie. And speaking of that puzzle it is time to take it on. M/G
P.S. The rain was lovely and has started again this evening.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Merry Halloween to all-
I just had pumpkin soup - quite good and no doubt as close as I will get to a pumpkin this year. There was a luncheon following bridge - where, in fact, my partner and I came in first. I wore my classy Walmart Halloween sweatshirt and it was pronounced the prettiest anyone had ever seen - one friends said it looked like a combination 4th of July/Halloween sweatshirt.
That would be all the news other than I got brave and went to Karen and Barry's for dinner lst night in the collapsing house! Good dinner - good company - and the house still stands.
Love to each and all - M/G

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good Morning,
Ah, a day and a half of beautiful weather ahead and then out with the rain gear and the warm jackets. We certainly need a good soaking rain and it sounds like that is coming.
So it will put a "damper" on Halloween - that is too bad. I was sharing some of my Halloween memories with Karen and will amaze you all with my stories. But first, an incredible memory of Halloween last year when I went "Trick or Treating" with Terry - that was very special. Back to memories - we started making the rounds about a week before Halloween. That was normal - how things have changed in seventy plus years. We did not say "Trick or Treat" - our chant included mentioning the use of saop - in fact, it was a threat - give us some candy or we will soap your screens or windows. Yes, we did carry soap with us.
We were all scared of a neighbor down the street as rumor had it that Mr. Simms would come to the door with a shotgun in hand - we skipped that house.
I am ashamed to admit that I did, at least once, standby while my brothers let air out of the tires of a car parked along the street. I rather imagine that this happened other times but I truly have just the one specific memory. However, we never filled garbage cans with water and propped them against the front door and thenknocked and ran. This did happen.
I really marvel that our parents allowed us such freedom - while we certainly were safe on the streets the whole week had to be somewhat of a nightmare for most families. We did cover alot of territory - never going to the same house twice. I have no memory of ever using the soap - not that I was even almost a goody twoshoes - it was probably the lack of courage.
Enuf rambling - Love to one and all - M/G

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What shall I write about?

Good Morning kids and grandkids,
Tis a gorgeous fall type day - a tad warm - but it looks like fall. I am still recovering from spending a few days at Shellie's with Rich and Chris. It was really great! If you have followed Rich's and Shellie's blogs you know that I never was a winner - of course, they all refused to play bridge! Also got to see Julie and Noah and their incredible home - wow - looking out upon such openess with cows, sheep, a goat and a donkey. No pigs - what a shame!
My head is still full or memories of the roundabout drive that Rich, Chris and I made to get from Shellie's to Julie's - like driving down 101 would be quickest but so boring - thus, we went by way of the Pacific Ocean - probably three hours out of the way but it was such a fantastic trip. The ocean was sometimes very fierce in the greyness of the fog - and then all of a sudden beautiful with sunshine and waves splashing on rocks - then back to fierce. Backroads do have it all over the short route.
Well, I am on my way - Love to each of you - Mom/Gramcie