Tuesday, September 29, 2009

kitchen aromas

I baked chocolate cookies this morning - they of course emitted a glorious aroma - one that really seeks out the taste buds. Then I peeled and chopped up six onions. Whoops - now my whole abode smells like onion soup. Not that I made onion soup - no, I freeze chopped onions to avoid having to chop some onion when a recipe hollers for some. It is wonderful to have them ready to go - but I was so enjoying the smell of choclate cookies baking.
As you can tell, my life is full of exciting moments.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Little boys are magical!

Jennifer left the boys with me for awhile yesterday. When she returned we were all going to have dinner. Anyhow, I eneded up having an enchanting hour plus. It is so neat having one old enough to converse with and the other that just makes me laugh all the time. Terry was soon very hungry so I went ahead and served him some macaroni with spaghetti sauce (it had hit me earlier that younger kids can handle macaroni much better than they can handle spaghetti) with some parmesan sprinkled atop. Gavin has a urge to eat whenever he sees anyone eating and so I fixed some for him and he sat on my lap and I shoveled food into his mouth. Terry seemed to have a bottomless pit and had three servings before he was full - Gavin just two. Gavin is a great imitator and loves to have a consistant response to various things followed by great laughter following. As they left I was blowing kisses to him and he all of a sudden he did his vesion of throwing kisses - yet another great talent. Did you know that Terry can stand on his head? It is quite amazing for bing just five as he does a true headstand - no wall involved and no help. He was working on splits last night. He likes to talk about things like coordination and we both admired Gavin hen he kept himself from falling after losing his balance. Ah, yes - a really delightful time - and so good for me!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

There has to be something new!

My goodness, all the excitement blogwise - especially Greg's. (I am waiting for Rich's version of his time in the high peaks)
So, let's see. Well, I went to my heart Doctor yesterday and got really good news - all the assorted results from my latest blood tests were quite good - she (my doctor) could hardly find a thing to nag me about. And then there are the EKG results - absolutely perfect! The nurse casually said that she never sees perfect EKGs.
Oh yes - my TV control is refusing to cooperate - I have to manipulate channels etc. by hand - quite a bother and makes me wonder how we survived the good old days. Of course, I think there were maybe just 2 or 3 channels when life was less complicated. Anyhow, I decided to watch a DVD - all set to go but it wouldn't - so I switched to an old variety and it also declined to perform.
So I found Turner Classic movies (the hard way, of course) and watched a rather strange movie with Harry Belafonte in it which reminded me of the one and only time I saw him "live". He was in a show called "Three for the Road" (I think) - Marge and Gower Champion made the three with Harry. It was one of the most delightful stage shows I ever saw and his singing just blew me away. This was around 1954 - just a few years ago. The dancing was also quite good - but that voice! Wow!
Just another day of absolute excitement in my life - it was wonderful to recall
that show at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One foot at a time!

Yeserday, while reading blogs etc., my left foot went to sleep! Not that the blogs were boring - in fact, there was nothing new, as I recall. Anyhow, I realized that yonder foot was sleeping but decided it was ready to hold me in a vertical position. It wasn't at all ready - I crashed inbetween my desk and the cabinet. Immediately, I was quite aware that my sleeping foot woke up with a gusto - major pain gave me the message. First thought - since that is the foot with all the metal holding the bones together will the metal survive the rather major twist and fold that I had accomplished with afore mentioned ankle. It did! I did hobble the rest of the day - and the darn thing did hurt enough to keep me aware that it was there. The good news is that today it is 95% better - sort of bruised but just a slight bit of discomfort - in fact, just enough to make me remember that it is there.
Another day in my exciting life!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ice cream cones and five years old boys

Terry came to spend the night with me - so, as a special treat, we went down to Rite Aid to get ice cream cones. His choice - probably the most atrocious ice cream I have ever seen - it was called cotton candy and it was in extremely wild colors - like fushia, purple and blue all sort of mixed together. Ugh So, we attacked our ice cream cones as we walked around looking at all the marvelous Halloween decorations. And then, his cone began to drip out the bottom. So, we went outside - things went from bad to much worse. So back in to get a "bowl" and a spoon - at that point he had no further interest in his ice cream cone and it is now in my freezer. Lesson learned - to not get ice cream in sugar cones for young kids - that pointed bottom too easily becomes an outlet for melting ice cream. Will I remember this bit of wisdom - no, never. Shock of the day - it cost $2.78 for two cones. When I was a girl we often went for "rides" on Sunday afternoons and stopped for ice cream cones along the way - five kids and two adults - all of 35cents! Flavor choices - well, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and butter brickle.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What's new!

Well, when it comes to what's new - well, basically, nothing. But I did have a great day on Sunday as Brian and Sarah came to town! It was wonderful seeing both of them. We "all" gathered at Karen and Barry's in Nevada City and just plain enjoyed many hours of catching up. Both look great! On top of that we had a brunch and a very good feast in the evening. Jen and the boys were a great hit - Terry was there all the time and Gavin joined us at dinner time. Gavin is walking but is at the stage where he can crawl faster than he can walk as he is always in a rush to go from point A to point B. He has not mastered running yet - and will not soon. if Jen is lucky. He is very smart - always attempts to leap from Jen's arms into my arms - oh bliss, oh joy, oh, oh, oh! I especially enjoyed the chance to chat at length with Sarah - Brian is so lucky!
Yesterday was Labor Day - totally boring - it is too easy for me to decide that I am all tired out from the big day Sunday to do anything on Monday - ridiculous! I am always better off if I do something worthwhile!
And now my youngest grandson is off to a new world - it sounds like it will be a very good world for him. I hope to see "his campus" one of these days.