Saturday, February 28, 2009


Well, my plans for an exciting weekend were dashed on Thursday when Tiger was eliminated from the event. So I sort of moped all day yesterday - it was very much a "poor me day" until I struggled out to the store and bought some goodies along with my normal fairly healthy stuff. Thus I had pizza for dinner followed by some Almondroca and frozen ice cream cone consisting of dark chocolate over the top and mint flavored ice cream in the cone - and more dark chocolate at the base of the cone. It was rather tasty. Now, I just have to accept the fact that I have two days to accomplish much more than I had expected to accomplish - that is, if I can determine just what I want to accomplish. Love you all - Mom/Gramcie

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

O! Happy Day

Yours truly is filled with joyous anticipation (how's that for an overused phrase, Janet?) - Tiger is back and in three minutes the tournament coverage starts and I will be glued (also trite) to my television.

Monday, February 23, 2009

How About Greg?

Not to let Greg escape his creative relatives. Recently I found that "Greg" as a root for unknown numbers of words means - flock, herd, group. I wrote to him that every flock needs a shepherd and am still waiting for him to appoint me "Official Shepherd of Greg". Maybe we all are "Unofficial Shepherds of Greg" and need not await a proclamation.
A few "greg" words - gregarious, segregate, egregious, congregate. There must be many more. And I am sure that none of us realized how frequently "Greg" entered into our conversations.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A true Story About Rich

Quite a few yesrs ago, while Rich and I still lived on Highland Drive, he heard a ruckus outside and went out to investigate. It appeared that two California Jays were attempting to raid the nest of two small birds that had built their home up in a quite large manzanita bush. He chased the jays away and returned inside, only to hear the ruckus resume. Again he bravely convinced the jays to depart. He then decided to investigate the little birds nest and proceded to work his way into the bush to see if their little birds, or their little birds eggs had survived the jays attempts. Much to his surprize, he found himself staring into the eyes of a quite large rattlesnake that was about 10 feet up in the shrub. Rich not so bravely retreated but quickly returned with a hoe and disposed of the evil snake. That is why Rich is known as Richard Almost Braveheart.

P.S. As far as I know, the snake climbed the shrub without the help of any legs whatsoever!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

happy kids - sad goat!

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Happy kids - sad goat!

As you can see, this picture was taken in 1931. Younger brother, Don sitting by me and Older brother Ralph standing. I was 5 1/2, Don two years yournger and Ralph two years older. I always loved this picture. I had, however, thought it was more depression related - I guess it was on the verge of a depression. Anyhow, a man led his goat around with that darling cart and hoped to earn some money taking pictures of darling children sitting in the darling cart.
Recalling this great adventure reminded me of the door to door encyclopedia salesman. In my memory we were gathered on the front porch listening to his spiel and ever so hopeful that mother would buy a set of encyclopedias - we had a fifty year old set that a neighbor had given us but a shiny new set had such appeal. Anyhow, back to the salesman - he decided to enchant us with a story about a snake that consumed a nest full of baby chickens whole. A most amazing thing happened to that snake according to this man (in our eyes he had to know everything because he sold encyclopedias) - the baby chickens legs popped through the snake and he walked on them. Of course, I clearly envisioned the twelve pairs of baby chicken legs all in a row - quite neatly, of course!
Sharing my story with friends reminded one of them of a story his grandmother had told him about a snake swallowing all the eggs in a hens nest whole - his grandmother retrieved all the eggs but one (it broke) - the snake did not survive her retrival method.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Same song - 6th verse

I am in shock - snow level is supposed to be around 4000 feet - I am not located around 4000 feet - however, I just looked out to see if the rain had stopped and found the street white with snow and you can figure out what is descending from the clouds above. Certainly this will not continue through the night - will it?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

no more snow!

Rain - not extreme, however and not incredible winds - almost disappointing.

Same song - ohmygosh, fifth verse

It really can't decided whether to snow or not to snow - it truly becomes rain now and then just to get my hopes up! Barry (bless his heart) came over and dug out my driveway yesterday which allowed me to venture forth to the grocery store. What an exciting day!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Same song - 4th verse

Something is trying to fall - possibly more rain than snow. We did have a few inches of the white stuff during the night - tis likely that as the multitude of storms roll in and out that we may have rain. At this point I will welcome rain and more rain.
Ralph called yesterday - Jan continues to improve and can almost talk - her "voice" is more a whisper as her throat rebounds.
Karen certainly added excitement to a boring day yesterday - tis good that she responded so well to treatment. However, I really prefer boring days.
So it is Valentine's Day and I do hope that each of you with your own "Valentine" have a lovely day.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Same song - third verse!

Yes, I am enjoying another beautiful snow storm - this one is out-snowing both Wednesday's and Thrusday's by several inches and it seems to want to hang around. I just took a picture - possibly to be called YABSP to join the hundreds of beautiful snow pictures I have taken over the years. With a brave heart I will try to post it for your enjoyment.
Sorry, Picasso and I are not getting along this morning - Anyhow, a struggling little tree in my front yard looks like a giant snowball on a slender stick - so your all get busy and visualize this sight!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I went!

Thanks to friends with a four wheel drive I did go to bridge this morning. We did see evidence of how horrible the roads were last evening - and so could congratulate ourselves on being ever so wise. "How was the bridge you ask?" - "Don't ask!" I reply.

To drive or not to drive???

It is decision making time - the roads are snowy - the temp remains in the low 30's - I am due at bridge by 9:30 AM - the roads are also icy. Getting down my hill can be a major challenge - getting up the hill to the Grange building can be a major challenge - decisions-decisions - I hate making decisions!
Barb and I were supposed to go to dinner at a friends in Alta Sierra last night - actually, we were driving down together at five - the phone calls started about four - the decision was made about 4:30 - we stayed home. It was a good choice - many accidents on 49 and it took an hour to get to Alta Sierra on 49 about that time. Sometimes being a coward is good!
The snow itself was quite beautiful and is still likewise this morning - ugh!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rather corny - part 2


This picture was taken in 1937 or 38. Obviously, my Dad came home from work and we headed for the North farm. You certainly can see how proud he was of that corn field while I appeared quite overwhelmed by it all.
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Rather corny!

The memorial for Joan and Chris Mingst was quite nice. I learned so much about both of Barry's parents - very interesting stuff.
At one point they atarted taking pictures and someone decided that all the Iowans should have a picture as Joan grew up in Iowa - Des Moines, in fact, and even attended the same highschool as I. Anyhow, the four Iowans decided to sing the state song to honor our beloved native lands - and we did. The words follow:

We're from Iowa, Iowa
Best state in the land
Joy on every hand
We're from Iowa, Iowa
That's where the tall corn grows! (All waved their arms over their heads while singing the last line.)

Now, I realize that the melody is missing but if you ever want to hear it just let me know!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yours truly will be heading to Rocklin tomorrow afternoon and then on to Napa Saturday for the Memorial. We may or may not stay in San Rafael Saturday night. I will be home sometime on Sunday. There is a chance we will stop by your place, Janet, and get rid of Christmas presents for you. Are you all excited? Love to each of you, M-G

Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's Wonderful

Thanks to Rich, I have a flat screen monitor that so far gazes fondly upon me and does not instigate any major problems. Thanks to Chris, I have a marvelous can opener that does its own thing beautifully even though it looks like it would be useless to even try to use it to open anything!
I had several hours enjoying movies starring Burt Lancaster last night. He is such an excellent actor! Greg, he would be a good actor to study - he does a good job of being the charactor versus acting. My expert opinion is given with no strings attached. The third movie(The Rainmaker) also starred Kathryn Hepburn - she is always amazing.
Love and all that to each of you - MG