Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gramcie's College Daze


So, this is for Janet - as springtime approaches she and her friends can strike a similar pose. The gals in this picture are 8/9ths of "The Chain Gang" - can you find me?
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thanksgiving 1966 at Jeanne and Dick's

Have fun identifying who's who. Another day I will do it for you.

Christmas 1966 ...

in Los Altos Hills, California.

From left to right:
Dick Kellogg
Linda Kellog
Maggie Little
Johnnie ???
Richie Towle (with stupid hat)
Mark Kellogg
Carolyn Towle (I really loved that skirt)
Harriet ??? (smoking. SMOKING!!!)
Karen Towle

It worked!


Wow! I did it! These two pictures were taken in Juneau, Alaska at a restaurant where Jean and I had dinner when we were up there for the bridge tournament on a ferry boat. Anyhow, I took these for Russ and brought him the hat that appears on the Remember Russell blog. Again I say, "Wow!"
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A Great Experiment

Yours truly is going to attempt to transport some pictures to my blog - so what, you all respond in a chorus. Well, I am going to do it without having a tutor telling me what to do - step by step. Tis quite exciting for me - and you will soon know the results.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Grass Valley news!

Actually, not very newsy but I am in the mood to bore you with whatever I can dredge up. Like, I just got home from a delightful time with Karen and Barry. We had a nice dinner and lots of chatting. It is, of course, a difficult time for Barry in particular.
I am going to Napa for the memorial for Barry's parents - February 7th, I believe. If any of you would care to join me there let me know. Actually, I will go down with Karen and then stay in San Rafael.
Great fun today - K and I were roaming in the Rocklin/Roseville area and came upon Christmas stuff 90% off - so I have enough bows and name tags and tissue paper for several Christmases probably. What fun! Tis nice having a specific area to store such things - i.e. no problem tucking them away where I will even be able to easily find them come December.
Well, as you can tell my life is not filled with exciting moments - but it is a good life - at least for me. I am still trying to get thrilled with Tesla - it does take focus and I seem to resist any such thing.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More visitors

Jennifer, Matt, Terry and Tommy arrived late Sunday PM and left for home late Monday morning Monday. It was wonderful seeing them and having some time to chat. Most of all it was fun to have Terry and Tommy underfoot of in my lap. Terry rides my exercycle using both the pedals and the arm bars with great pride. Tommy much prefers to be held standing up and happily digs his feet into my tummy. I had an unfinished (due to my laziness) treasure chest for Terry - he was really delighted with it, I had some silly putty inside the box - his first experience with the stuff and like all young lads he found it great fun. He seems to find his little brother rather useless - but shows no jealousy that I have seen. And, Terry set the table for breakfast yesterday morning!
I got Jen and Matt's e-mail address and apparently wrote if down wrong - ugh! Jen took all the blog addresses so maybe she will read this and send me an e-mail so I will be able to send important messages to them. (All of my messages are important!)

Sunday, January 11, 2009


How so much mass confusion was cramed into a mere 28 hours I will never know - this included getting our beauty rest also. Anyhow, I had one grand time with Rich, Chris, Shellie, Greg, Karen, Barry and Gay. Some were part timers - Shellie stayed here and Rich and Chris stayed in a motel. We all missed Jeff who is off in Oregon taking care of snowy and icy roads.
So what did we do - we ate alot. Gay, bless her heart, even brought us breakfast Sunday morning! We had one horrid session of progressive rummy (I was minus about 2 and 1/2 million). We opened Christmas presents. We talked. Rich magically eliminated a great deal of my self inflicted (and I do mean self inflicted - truly) computer confusion and also showed me how to post pictures and a few other things that leave me hoping I will remember how to use use the mouse without moving it or pushing twice. ( As can easily be noted, my computer lingo is rather bad!) Best of all there was lots of laughter!
Rich and Chris left Saturday PM and Karen, Shellie, Gay and I decided we needed to visit the Habitat for Humanity recycle store. That was great fun! How wonderful to see all the left over building/remodeling items being made available for use. It sort of made me want to redo my abode - please note, I said sort of! The really old tools, lathes etc. really tugged at my heartstrings and took me right back to the basement in Des Moines. I did love to use the lathe.
And thus ended the wonderful time. Saturday evening was far too quiet - totally boring etc. But today - ah, yes - I may have Jennifer and one or both of her boys coming here for the night. That will be yet another treat!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Great grandsons ...


Terry and Tommy November 15, 2008


Terry's hero - last October anyway!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Home Again

The time with Brian and Sarah was really great. Best of all was getting to really know Sarah. Almost as good was the time with Brian - especially his most memorable efforts to help me understand the wonders of Nikola Tesla. His enthusiasm was so great that I am now going to read a book and learn all about that man. The weather was fabulous and all the side trips were special. In other words - it was wonderful!
It is good to be back home - don't ask me why as there certainly is a great deal that needs to be done - tis impossible to ignore the obvious. I've already (in fact, just returned from) gone to a meeting of the Homeowners Assn. board. Much to my joy this is Tiger week on the golf channel - of course I missed most of it but am looking forward to a great deal of Tiger golf this evening and did enjoy several hours of it last night.
Ah, yes - it is an exciting life I live.