Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree


I could not find a picture with all five of us kids. I suspect we were much older and wiser in this picture than when the great shopping journey was so exciting. I was 12 and just into junior high - note buttons to hold skirt up - it was so embarrassing but my tragic pleas were to no avail.
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Oh, Christmas Tree

No, I do not have my Christmas Tree up and glowing - but when I do dishes I am forced (by Jennifer) to think of Christmas as she gave me some dish type detergent that smell like - are you ready? - "Iowa Pine". One does not exactly associate Iowa with the smell of pine trees so I cannot state that my dishwater smells exactly like Iowa Pine but it most certainly smells like pine.
Which all has brought back memories of the pine tree in our front yard - just to the right of the steps that led to the front porch - that pine was no more than 8-10 feet
tall and never grew more than 1/4 of an inch a year if even that. But it was our pine tree! Did we decorate it for Christmas? - no! Nobody decorated outside their homes.
"Us five kids" did have an annual contest as we headed down Grand Avenue to do our Christmas shopping downtown. Each of us was trying to be the first to spot a Christmas tree inside a home. If it was your year to sit by a car window you had a better chance, of course. No doubt there were many tense moments trying to determine who had really been the first to spy the give away lights.
Speaking of Christmas shopping, my Dad gave each of us sixty cents to buy the needed six Christmas presents in either Kreske's(now K-mart) or Woolworth's Dime store. This, of course, took several hours of sneaking around with the treasures we would later wrap as secretly as possible - with wrappings and ribbons on the diningroom table and one sister and three brothers trying to sneak peak.
It is rather hard to describe how exciting it all was.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Historic Day!!

It is hard to believe that fifty-two years ago Shellie made a grand entrance into this world. At some point during that particular Sunday I was laughing like a fool while Russ and Dick were chasing a mouse around the house. That mouse even ran across the living room curtain rod in its effort to escape their clutches. I do believe that it was successful eventually.
Anyhow, late afternoon I became quite aware that labor had started and we headed for the hospital (Karen had arrived in two hours - thus time seemed of importance.) Once there I had to be wheelchaired to the "labor room" - but still feeling just fine I sort of jumped out of the wheelchair and climbed up onto the "labor bed" quite easily. I did tell the nurse that my doctor should be called. Maybe ten or fifteen minutes later a nurse came in to check my roommate and I suggested that she should check me while there as I knew there was major progress underway. She did a quick check and dashed out of the room hollering "call Dr. Jenks" and someone came and rushed me into the delivery room. Dr. J was there very soon after but was chatting with the nurses (as he scrubbed up ) and I said, "Dr. Jenks, you had better get over here!" and over he came and very soon after Shellie arrived. My labor had been all of 45 minutes.
As you all well know, Shellie has yet to slow down - what a wonderful spirit she has - and how seldom there is a dull moment when she is around. Happiest of birthdays Shellie - and many, many thanks for so many joyful memories. To say that I love you barely touches the surface.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Perfect Pest

No doubt, you have all heard of "The Perfect Guest" - well, the perfect pest spent the weekend with me. Can you guess who that would be?

1. A lover of Sherlock Holmes - and Dr. Watson, I presume!

2. Loves sleeping in!

3. Shares my love of Peter Pan! and almost loves opera as much as I do.

4. Plies me with peanut brittle!

5. Could easily eat me out of house and home but mostly brings own food - all very

6. Has two adorable boys that were both elsewhere for the weekend.

7. You are right! The perfect pest is Jennifer!!!!!

Jen and I had a great time doing mostly nothing but goof off and chat about this and that and these and those. It has been a very wonderful weekend.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

So I went to a teaparty

- a "Teaparty Patriots" Board meeting that is. It seemed to me that the best way to learn about the local "Teaparty" group was to just sit-in on a board meeting and listen and observe. One observation - it is one of the youngest groups I have been around for many years. I thought that was quite wonderful. Overall, I was impressed with the entire bunch. There was not a bit of rabid ravings. Nor were they a bunch of citizens that sat there and just listened to their leaders. Since I want something better for my grandchildren and great granchildren I feel very strongly that I should not just sit back and watch our country destroy itself - which in my mind has been going on for several years and is now accelerating at a scary pace. Enuf of my thoughts - just wanted you to know that I went out in the dark of night all by myself because I do care about the future.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Younger and more foolish days!


Last summer, after watching Terry spin this way and that in my cul de sac I just had to try - even though some of my neighbors were in complete panic. Well, as you can see, I successfully managed to get one foot up in the air (well, slightly up in the air) and I did not break either hip.

P.S. These rather ancient pictures are due to Picasso and I finally getting along better.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gavin, Terry and I were atudying spiders


Actually, Terry and I were having a joyous time checking out spiders on the internet when Gavin decided he should join us. (Whatever Terry does, Gavin wants to do!) This was taken mid-summer.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How could I forget?

Last Saturday I spent one of the all time great evenings in my life - laughing like an idiot for two plus hours while John Cleese held a full house wrapped around his little finger - and all of his other fingers including his thumbs. I had anticipated a delightful time - it was super fragilelisticly delightful. Truly beyond description - which probably is fortunate for you as there is no way trying to quote him would do justice to being there.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Pomegranate and I

Ah, yes - such fun! A friend gave me three pomegranates. Now that they are near the top of "really good for you foods" list I was delighted to have them. Truthfully, I have sort of ignored the things for many years and truly wondered why Rich would attack them with such joyous gusto.
I still wonder at the joyous gusto, but did attack mine this mroning and have found all the lovely little non-seeds inside them and have a cup and a half of the non-seeds freezing for future reference. I do marvel at the amazing construction of a pomegranate - really quite beautiful and so protective of the non-seeds.
We are now up to nine or ten assorted family members that plan to be here for Thanksgiving dinner. The question may be " What will we have other than pomegranate non-seeds? Who knows? Turkey in some form, Gay is bringing a vegetarian dish and a fruit salad - and Jennifer's pumpkin cheese cake, of course. Certainly, we will all be ready for a wild hearts game or crazy rummy or whatever. Anyhow, the invitation remains open - the more the merrier.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Coming Event

How about Thnaksgiving Dinner at Mom/Gramcie's house? It is my hope that most, if not all of you, can be here. Call me an idiot, but I really want to throw a turkey in the oven and clean my house. On top of that, Jennifer has promised that she will produce the pumpkin cheese cake she wrote about in her blog last month. Oh, yes, I can also assure the vegetarians that they will not go home hungry. I hope I have covered all bases. It would be ever so nifty if all - or at least most - of you could be here. Love you all - M-G

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Computer is Home Again!

Wow! I had no idea how my life revolved around my computer - til my computer decided to allow a virus to enter its life. As it turned out, this was a major virus that apparently attempted to eat everything in sight. Ao I took it to my local computer doctor - he, became quite ill with the dreaded swine flu and so my computer sort of got ignored as his fellow workers were so worried. This all started on Tuesday, October 13th - and sort of dragged out until today-October 29th.
In the meantime - no blogs - no reading about everyone's good and bad days - or some with nothing to say at all. Also, no exploring sudden inspirations to explore - like how to bake this or that - or create something wonderful - egads! I couldn't even play hearts.
Fortunately, in a fashion, I was extremely busy with out local bridge tournament - three and a half days of total craziness as I tried to play bridge while attempting to keep all the bridge player's tummies full of the goodies our local players had made. My days were long and my bridge partners had to be extremely patient.
Then, on Monday the 19th I departed with friends who came up from Lake Isabella for the tournament - I spent the rest of the week down there and then came back via the train and a bus (from Stockton to Sac) and Barry was there to greet me, followed soon after by Karen and Jen. Lake Isabella is rather depressing - it is located in a high desert area above Bakersfield and the lake itself is very low and the mountains very barren. I fully unerstand why my friends do not understand how they could have ever left this area.
Back to my computer fun and games - once home I did find out that the virus had been nasty - and after attempting to make a wise decision gave up and took the least expensive way out - i.e. revive my computer.
So, life is good. I have caught up on the blogs - I have a ton of e-mails waiting for me and so will end this and attack the worthy and not so worthy and the zap without further adieu communications. Love to all, M-G

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Terry and Tools

Terry "earned" the opportunity to do something special. He announced (after great thought) that his idea of something special was to come to my house. So yesterday afternoon we had our special time. First we went out for a "sundae" on Saturday - he was not familiar with sundaes and really liked the idea such as having a sundae on Wednesday etc.
So from the great sundae adventure we headed for the really special time - we went to a hardware store and spent quite a long time enjoying the tools. His admiration for tools goes way back but this was his first opportunity to really look them over. He was truly in tool heaven - and we both were amazed at the sizes of some hammers and even screwdrivers. Of course, the very best was the pocket knives - especially the one that was packaged to look like a shark! Did you know that you can even hang that one from your belt? Wow! - or "Woweeee!" if you are a five year old.
Needless to say, it doesn't take much to make a great grandmother have a very special day!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The tree that became a trampoline

Many years ago during Palo Alto days I recived a lovely check for $400.00 - a dividend based on the previous years profits that my Dad's cement plant had earned. (My Dad had given each of his kids stock in the cement business he owned.) Since we had not lived very long in our tract home and had a treeless backyard I decided that we needed a tree for Russ and Karen to climb - i.e. a very large tree.
We located a nursery that actually did sell very large trees - how exciting. But then came the logistics of placing a very large tree into our fenced in back yard as among things the project would have required a crane - if we could find a way to get the tree back there it did seem that getting a crance where needed was beyong possibility.
On to plan two - no tree to climb, how about about a trampoline? We not only got a trampoline, we got a Nissen trampoline - a size smaller than the size used at gymnastic events. It was positively a glorious thing. Both Russ and Karen jumped into immediate mastery of it - as did their friends. One could say that they flipped the days away.
There was only one injury that I recall - not among the droves of kids but a grown man who had indulged in too many cocktails and had more courage than sense. Fortunately his was not a serious injury and this was pre-sue at the drop of a hat days.
Shellie and Rich joined the Towle's Trampoline Team at very young ages - in fact, I learned not too long ago that Karen was bouncing with Rich in her arms when he was a baby - and not just bouncing, but doing flips etc.
I recently heard a discusion on insuring one's property - home etc. - it was pointed out that such insurance is almost impossible to get if you own a trampoline.
And so goes the story of the tree that became a trampoline.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It Was a Very Good Day

Off in the morning to Karen's so that we could have a shopping advventure. Both of us did some lamenting that our favorite store for "bumming" no longer exicsts (i.e. Gottschalks). However, we settled for Kohl's - neither of us were into looking for clothes so we just roamed in household stuff and both had some success. We had lunch in downtown Roseville and then we off to the "$Ten Dollar Store" as nothing is over ten dollars. That is not its name but certainly fits. I found two little books for Gavin (the book lover) and Karen found a huge ball for Terry (the keep moving lover) so we both left there quite happy. One of my books, by the one, Janet, features a bunny that ends up with a "needle" in one foot and then he meets up with a hedgehog that has lost a needle.
On my way home I stopped off at Jen's and ended up being there for about four hours - which meant four hour of playing with Gavin and Terry plus a very nice dinner prepared by Jennifer. I "read" numerous books to Gavin - chatted quite abit with Terry and got in a few conversations with Jen. I also got down on the floor multi-numerous times which meant I had to get up from the floor multi-numerous times. Amazingly, I left there with such wonderful joy in my heart - proving once again, that laughter is the best medicine.
Yes, it was a very good day!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

kitchen aromas

I baked chocolate cookies this morning - they of course emitted a glorious aroma - one that really seeks out the taste buds. Then I peeled and chopped up six onions. Whoops - now my whole abode smells like onion soup. Not that I made onion soup - no, I freeze chopped onions to avoid having to chop some onion when a recipe hollers for some. It is wonderful to have them ready to go - but I was so enjoying the smell of choclate cookies baking.
As you can tell, my life is full of exciting moments.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Little boys are magical!

Jennifer left the boys with me for awhile yesterday. When she returned we were all going to have dinner. Anyhow, I eneded up having an enchanting hour plus. It is so neat having one old enough to converse with and the other that just makes me laugh all the time. Terry was soon very hungry so I went ahead and served him some macaroni with spaghetti sauce (it had hit me earlier that younger kids can handle macaroni much better than they can handle spaghetti) with some parmesan sprinkled atop. Gavin has a urge to eat whenever he sees anyone eating and so I fixed some for him and he sat on my lap and I shoveled food into his mouth. Terry seemed to have a bottomless pit and had three servings before he was full - Gavin just two. Gavin is a great imitator and loves to have a consistant response to various things followed by great laughter following. As they left I was blowing kisses to him and he all of a sudden he did his vesion of throwing kisses - yet another great talent. Did you know that Terry can stand on his head? It is quite amazing for bing just five as he does a true headstand - no wall involved and no help. He was working on splits last night. He likes to talk about things like coordination and we both admired Gavin hen he kept himself from falling after losing his balance. Ah, yes - a really delightful time - and so good for me!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

There has to be something new!

My goodness, all the excitement blogwise - especially Greg's. (I am waiting for Rich's version of his time in the high peaks)
So, let's see. Well, I went to my heart Doctor yesterday and got really good news - all the assorted results from my latest blood tests were quite good - she (my doctor) could hardly find a thing to nag me about. And then there are the EKG results - absolutely perfect! The nurse casually said that she never sees perfect EKGs.
Oh yes - my TV control is refusing to cooperate - I have to manipulate channels etc. by hand - quite a bother and makes me wonder how we survived the good old days. Of course, I think there were maybe just 2 or 3 channels when life was less complicated. Anyhow, I decided to watch a DVD - all set to go but it wouldn't - so I switched to an old variety and it also declined to perform.
So I found Turner Classic movies (the hard way, of course) and watched a rather strange movie with Harry Belafonte in it which reminded me of the one and only time I saw him "live". He was in a show called "Three for the Road" (I think) - Marge and Gower Champion made the three with Harry. It was one of the most delightful stage shows I ever saw and his singing just blew me away. This was around 1954 - just a few years ago. The dancing was also quite good - but that voice! Wow!
Just another day of absolute excitement in my life - it was wonderful to recall
that show at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One foot at a time!

Yeserday, while reading blogs etc., my left foot went to sleep! Not that the blogs were boring - in fact, there was nothing new, as I recall. Anyhow, I realized that yonder foot was sleeping but decided it was ready to hold me in a vertical position. It wasn't at all ready - I crashed inbetween my desk and the cabinet. Immediately, I was quite aware that my sleeping foot woke up with a gusto - major pain gave me the message. First thought - since that is the foot with all the metal holding the bones together will the metal survive the rather major twist and fold that I had accomplished with afore mentioned ankle. It did! I did hobble the rest of the day - and the darn thing did hurt enough to keep me aware that it was there. The good news is that today it is 95% better - sort of bruised but just a slight bit of discomfort - in fact, just enough to make me remember that it is there.
Another day in my exciting life!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ice cream cones and five years old boys

Terry came to spend the night with me - so, as a special treat, we went down to Rite Aid to get ice cream cones. His choice - probably the most atrocious ice cream I have ever seen - it was called cotton candy and it was in extremely wild colors - like fushia, purple and blue all sort of mixed together. Ugh So, we attacked our ice cream cones as we walked around looking at all the marvelous Halloween decorations. And then, his cone began to drip out the bottom. So, we went outside - things went from bad to much worse. So back in to get a "bowl" and a spoon - at that point he had no further interest in his ice cream cone and it is now in my freezer. Lesson learned - to not get ice cream in sugar cones for young kids - that pointed bottom too easily becomes an outlet for melting ice cream. Will I remember this bit of wisdom - no, never. Shock of the day - it cost $2.78 for two cones. When I was a girl we often went for "rides" on Sunday afternoons and stopped for ice cream cones along the way - five kids and two adults - all of 35cents! Flavor choices - well, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and butter brickle.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What's new!

Well, when it comes to what's new - well, basically, nothing. But I did have a great day on Sunday as Brian and Sarah came to town! It was wonderful seeing both of them. We "all" gathered at Karen and Barry's in Nevada City and just plain enjoyed many hours of catching up. Both look great! On top of that we had a brunch and a very good feast in the evening. Jen and the boys were a great hit - Terry was there all the time and Gavin joined us at dinner time. Gavin is walking but is at the stage where he can crawl faster than he can walk as he is always in a rush to go from point A to point B. He has not mastered running yet - and will not soon. if Jen is lucky. He is very smart - always attempts to leap from Jen's arms into my arms - oh bliss, oh joy, oh, oh, oh! I especially enjoyed the chance to chat at length with Sarah - Brian is so lucky!
Yesterday was Labor Day - totally boring - it is too easy for me to decide that I am all tired out from the big day Sunday to do anything on Monday - ridiculous! I am always better off if I do something worthwhile!
And now my youngest grandson is off to a new world - it sounds like it will be a very good world for him. I hope to see "his campus" one of these days.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Carol (Blues) Greys

Yours truly has been so down in the dumps - actually, on and off all summer - and lately more on than off. Interestingly, it is sort of a inherited plague from my mother - and I have had to deal with it for many years. So, I do know what I have to do - i.e. get up out of my chair and get busy - especially, get busy doing things that need to be done! Anyhow, I signed up for a series of classes which I thought were mostly related to the brain and keeping it agile - turns out, they are mostly related to depression. The first one was quite good and I came home anxious to get into the recommended stuff and did for one day - and then decided I did not like the required record keeping and have ignored my chart seince - I have drank more water all week but resisted being organized about anything. I have promised myself that I will continue the classes - so tomorrow night I will be there with a smile on my face and who knows what going on inside.
However, I learned something yesterday that sort of surprised me. My friend Lorraine called and asked me if I would like to plan to attend a couple of special events at the Mondavi center. Next spring, Professor Schickely and his PDQ Bach insanity - of course I would! And in early November John Cleese doing something - I know not what! Absolutely I would! So tickets for John C. have been ordered! Then she asked me if I heard from Linda ? yet. Linda is not one of my close Sac friends but I have always enjoyed her and recently she told me she was having a party in September and hoped I would come - so, on September 26th I will head SW for the weekend and the party. Aha! I cannot begin to describe how I perked up after Lorraine's call - something to look forward to. In fact, more than one something to look forward to. I should add, that if I were truly deeply depressed I would have made excuses to not do any of the above.
Not a cheery blog - but hopefully you will all learn something about the blues. Actually, blue is the wrong color - it should be the greys.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A good day - Tiger won the Buick Invitational - by three strokes - against the lightest field I have ever seen at a golf tournament - but a win is a win.
Tomorrow we have the resident's meeting - as Madam Secretary I have to work - and I really do not enjoy being secretary but have agreed to continue for two more years. I do enjoy the people that I work with.
Then in the afternoon I get to go to Auburn and play with Gavin - a special treat. Terry will be at pre-school so Jen will hop off to her appointment and I will be on the floor with Gavin. He is developing a vocabulary - I always know what he is saying because he is a great pointer - light, that, book and I forget the 4th word. He is a book lover - which is fantastic!
Thursday, after bridge, I am going to Sacramento to spend the weekend with a very good friend, Jean McDonald. It will be so nice to have the time with her and I truly needed to escape for a few days.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

O.K you guys!

So Shellie swims an hour most days. So Rich rides his bike multi miles most days and takes even longer routes on purpose. I have decided to enter the challenge and - let's hear the trumpets blast - I rode my exercycle for five minutes this morning. After which I literally staggered across to my computer (four steps) to write about my accomplishment. So, my goal is to add another minute each day - the equivalent of another mile the way I figure these things. I must say that I am rather astonished at the pain in my legs - is there a hidden message there?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Joy of Gavin

Today I spent two plus hours in the car backseat while Jen was driving. I sat back there to help Gavin pass the time of being strapped into his car seat. Of course, I was really enjoying watching him react and pick up on things and really join in in his not quite one year old fashion.
He happily played clapping our hands which went into my holding one of his hands and he would pull it away and I would dramatically express my losing his hand - he found this all quite funny. Probably the most fun was our singing - he very definitely has the idea that making some noises becomes singing.
He did drift off to sleep so all my special fun in the car ended. But, when we got to Jen and Gavin's home I passed on having dinner but did want to spend some time on the floor with Gavin before I headed home. He was so happy to be turned loose and kept pointing out things - expecially in pictures in a book - he would turn the page and then point and seemed to be saying "That" as he pointed - he did that routing numerous times. He also made it clear by actions that he wanted me to be impressed with other things.
Near as I can translate he has three words - light, tree and that. He seems to have quite a few notes of the scale on call for singing and he is so very happy exploring - just great fun to be around. Quite good for this Great Grandmother.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


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Hopefully the picture I talked about at the Memorial for Gem will show up, as well as the edited portion that does shoe how he was hamming it up a little bit. This picture was taken in December of 1988 - obviously on or near Christmas. There are other pictures someplace in my computer - one of just the seven grandkids present at that time (sorry, Greg - you were just a high hope!)
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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Very Best Music Man

Since it a few years too late for Greg and Janet to see the "very best Music Man" ever on stage I will write about it. By the way, I have always preferred stage to movies - just one of my 110 idiosyscracies!
The summer of 1971 Rich read an article in the newspaper - there were tryouts to be one of boys in the band at a Foothill College production of Music Man. He thought that would really be neat and I agreed so off we went. Well, as it turned out, any boy would do so he was assured of being in it. Since this was a summer course at the college I had to register. Thus began on of the best eight weeks in my life. Anyhow, the way they did things, Rich went off with the vocal instructor and all the other boys and girls while other things went on in the auditorium. Later they all returned and much to my amazement who was standing up in the middle of the stage, all by himself singing - yes, Rich!
So, there were rehearsals five nights a week from seven to ten for six weeks - and I dutifully attended them all - and knit an Irish sweater for Shellie while at it. And, of course, Rich very quickly knew all the parts and the words to all the songs. The music director was really pleased as he didn't know how he could get Rich to burst into "Gary, Indiana" on the right key - that is til he discovered that Rich had perfect pitch. Rich sang night and day that whole time.
The musical was performed Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights for two weeks. It was very successful! Rich gave up singing all the time once it was over and later would not even sing one of his songs for Karen who was not home from college that summer and had missed the show.
Actually, I had seen the New York roadshow company put it on in San Francisco and they did a good job - but none could ever compare with the one Rich was in and I sincerely mean - never!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


My life has been too boring to take computer in hand and invent a blog - that is, until Monday! Wow!! Before going to bed Sunday night, I decided to turn my computer clear off - which I do rather rarely. In the morning, all set to peruse blogs, I found it just part way off and refusing to respond to all my efforts. I spent Monday wondering what I should do. Finally Tuesday PM I called my server and they said to bring it in. By then I had decided that the on/off buttong did not seem to feel "right" and that was exactly the problem. Anyhow, to make a long story short I rehooked all the doodads but it still would not work. Through the process of elimination I rechecked the wall plug - ah, success! A working computer is a marvelous thing!

Friday, June 12, 2009

help for the helpless

I have been studying train schedules on line and trying to determine if there is any way I can go from Colfax to Bakersfield - and what would it cost? So, I started filling out a form and messed up immediately - and so I tried to determine how to undo the mess up and failed - so I was frustrated and departed the train schedule. I know I would have to change trains in Sacramento. I would probably go on this journey in July and perhaps be gone 4 or 5 days. Anyhow, if any one or all of you would tackle this and then develop a simple step by step instruction sheet - I would be so grateful! My hopes are high! m-g

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I find that I am quite emotional about graduations - even shedding a few tears at Greg's. Somehow, seeing an era end brings my emotions to the fore - perhaps, it is looking back and recognizing that the HS years have some very special memories - but, those years are really just another chapter. Obviously, I am having difficulty with finding the right words. I have also shed tears at college graduations - starting with my sister, Jeanne, who graduated from Iowa State while I was still in HS. Enuf of that!

Anyhow, it was a special weekend - lots of fun with Shellie, Rich and Chris. Ended up too weary to go on up to Incline Village for a couple of days with friends at there time-share. Just as Greta Garbo was famous for saying "I want to be alone" I found that was what I most needed. As it turns out - being alone has meant tackling the weeds in my backyard - very healthy weeds - and very stubborn about being pulled from the ground.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Rains Came

It seemed like the hardest rain ever - the cul de sac looked like a river as it was entirely covered by a couple of inches of rushing water. Then there was the ligntning and thunder - spectacular. The first episode was around 10:15 - and there were at least two more during the night. Weird! But it does mean that I didn't need to to the watering I did yesterday - and that I do not have to finish the watering today! What is so rare as a wonderful thunder/rain storm in June?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A longggggg day

Up at 5 AM so I could join Jennifer in Auburn to head for the courthouse in South Tahoe. Once there we slowly discovered that her time in court did not start at 8:30 per info she had but 10:30 - so we sort of flopped around while visions of lost sleep danced in our heads.
Anyhow, the moment finally came and worked out somewhat better than it might have - that was good. I was quite impressed with the judge and also with Jennifer who had to talk about the situation. She was so calm and sincere - if that makes sense.
Once again, I really enjoyed the time with Jen and I had a nice nap once home and am ready to ramble - but have no place to ramble.

Monday, May 25, 2009

memorial day

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Memorial Day


All three of my brothers were in the Army during or just after World War II. Although Howard was the oldest, Ralph was the first to go in. I believe he was drafted when he was nineteen. About all I know is that he was in the "Battle of the Bulge" and claims he was behind the front lines because by some stroke of good fortune he was a "radio man". Howard, the oldest, was not drafted because he was working on one of my Dad's farms - at some point, though, he did end up in the Army. He was stationed at Beale Airforce Base and was enjoying a night on the town in Grass Valley when he and others discovered there was no way back to Beale - so they "stole" a bus and Howard got them all back on time. He also spent time in the Pacific war zone but I believe the war was over by then. Don dropped out of HS and enlisted in the Army - both of my parents were quite distraught. I really know nothing about his time in the Army - the war was over so there was no battle duty. Shamefully, that just about covers my knowledge of my brothers service days. One more memory, my shock at the picture that Ralph sent home in which he is smoking a - CIGAR!! Ever so shocking!!!
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

bird spiders

Terry and I were learning all about "bird spiders" when Tommy came crawling up and tried to climb up my legs to join us - so I managed to find space for him and we all were enjoying "bird spiders" when Jen decided that a picture was in order - hopefully, it will be included in this blog.
And, by the way, you might enjoy reading all about "bird spiders". My neighbor, Richard, told Terry about them yesterday morning - yow! They are huge! We found a short film in which one of those creatures caught and was merrily eating a mouse.
Yep, more than you ever wanted to know. Terry, of course, thinks it all quite wonderful.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Patter of Liitle Hands and Knees

What fun it is to have a very active nine month old boy around the house. Tommy is absolutely the cutest explorer ever - and his enthusiasm knows no bounds or boundaries. Anyhow, yours truly does spend alot of time filled with lots of laughs these days - it is fascinating watching him!
Terry is also great fun - totally into bugs and apparently, so totally into them that a rather large group of ants adopted him yesterday when at the park with his Dad. Needless to say, he did not enjoy that experience - I look forward to hearing him talk about it later today.
Jen and above mentioned boys are gone for most of the day so I can watch Tiger play golf and suffer or not suffer alone - hopefully it will be a stellar day for Tiger and me!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A report on Tiger!

This is written at Rich's request - enjoy!
Par, birdie, boggie, par, birdie, boggie - and so it went - but! - he did get two more birdies than boggies and he is four out of the lead. The leader, however, has several holes yet to play and he could go higher - or lower - as could other players inbetween Tiger and the top of the heap.

P.S. Wonder of wonders - Tiger will be in the final group tomorrow - a mere five lower than the leader and on of six tied at six under. Anyhow, it will make for an exciting day as the throngs truly follow Tiger - and the noise is amazing - and the anticipation of the miracle shot is always following him also. Channel 3 (NBC) at 11:00 A. M. - his tee off time will be fifteen or so minutes later - I think!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Insufficient words!

There are no such words as the words I need to truly express my gratitude to Rich who has "saved" me from horrid computer difficulties many times. He is amazingly patience with my frustration that my computer just does not always understand my instructions. Anyhow, let's hear it for Rich!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Me - part of the Greatest Generation?

Being rather slow minded it just hit me this morning that I am truly part of the greatest generation. So, how did World War 2 affect me? Well, it did cause a shortage of guys - well, that is tragic when you are a teenager! Now and then a bunch of us rode in a truck to dance with soldiers at some nearby base. One time, a young soldier and I enjoyed each other so much that we wrote to each other for a long time - I never knew if he survived the war or not. The WAAC's began their training at Fort Des Moines - there were quite mixed feelings about women in the Army. My two years at college were minus the usual Fraternity guys - again, it just wasn't fair to all us self-centered girls. I only knew one fellow that was killed in action - he was my date for the great night on the town following graduation. One of the guys from church had a severe arm injury. Oh, yes, I was in charge of selling "stamps" in my highschool homeroom - ten cents each, you filled a book and had enough to buy a War Bond. I also volunteered at the USO - and really enjoyed having the really thick chocolate for sundaes at my disposal - and dispose I did! All in all, I realize now how dreadfully self-centered teenage girls are - worried about my two brothers in the Army - no, not really. O.K. - I was part of the "Greatest Generation" but only by age.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Heaven Came Down

and glory has filled my eyes! Barry and Karen came with an early Mother's Day gift for me - a most gorgeous dogwood tree that is covered with rosy-pink blossoms - and it is quite large and very beautiful. Not only that, but they have planted it in a whiskey barrel. Along with that, the three of us put the redwood tree collection of four into larger pots that I had bought for them and - Karen and I pulled alot of weeds. All in all - a major surprize - and certainly a special one.
Oh, yes - Barry will be in South Africa for a week or so - he leaves next Friday. It looks like he will go back for several weeks in the summer = which I guess would be winter in South Africa.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sweet and Sour


Good heavens - how could that sweet little girl on the left be the same girl as the toughy of the right? What do you mean? Are you saying that those pictures are a good representation of you mother/grandmother? I guess that I was probably two and a half - but maybe three and a half.
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sort of successful

I have spent hours making 80 plus return labels that are not return labels. I was asked to produce something that would show all the former bridge players in our Unit that have died. It seemed to me that the easy way was to use stick on labels - and that was a good idea. What prolonged my labors was gathering all the names - which required going through numerous old albums related to our Unit. Then, I had to deal with my computer and my ignorance - the latter frustrates my computer. After lots of trial and error I was happily typing labels and was virtually done - when I decided that I did not like the font. Not knowing that had I made a file of names I could have easily changed the font, I proceeded to start over again. They are done - they are properly (almost) mounted and they will make some kind of an impression at tomorrow's game. That noise you hear is my giant sigh of relief!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

No Baskets

Here it is, Easter Sunday morning and there is not one Easter basket, not one colored egg, not a yellow marshmallow chicken in sight - sometimes growing up is not so much fun. I am considering going out and buying a chunk of ham (not supposed to be part of my menu) and a sweet potato so I can at least have a sort of Easter Dinner. Of course, I should whip up some roll dough and make a lemon pie. Ah, well - I will not have that dreadful green "grass" to vacumn from my carpets - or a ton of leftovers. To be honest, I wish I would have to deal with both.
Just to reassure all of you - I am not down in the dumps - just remembering.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Rather Ancient History


Quite a few years ago, three of us in the local duplicate bunch were known as "The Revoke Sisters". We sang at special events at our local bridge gatherings - things like 80th and even 90th birthdays, new life masters, special members moving away. The latter event prompted our singing for Marye Jane - one player that everyone loved. Yours truly composed the lyrics - Peg was the only sort of singer in the trio - Barb and I "sang" with great enthusiam.
A sample of lyrics follows - to the tune of "Oh, My Darling Clementime" on any old key.
At a bridge club, in Grass Valley

Plays a player, Marye Jane.
But she's leavin'
We're all grievin'
Our tears flowing for Marye Jane

Be sure you have some extra beds
Cuz we'll come to visit you
But we promise - seldom longah
Than a week or - maybe two.

The chorus - after each verse
Oh, our darling. Oh, our darling.
Oh, our darling, Marye Jane
You are movin' away forever
Dreadful sorry, Marye Jane.

Amazingly, club members often request that we sing - once for a couple's 60th anniversary. She was q rather crotchery lady and I was a tad concerned - but her husband made the request. She was so thrilled that she wanted the copy of the lyrics to show her children. All I remember is a parody of "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face" - changed to have him saying that he had grown accustomed to her bids etc. - and then a version with her saying that she had never grown accumstomed to his bids etc.

It was great fun!
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Air Borne

How about three cheers for Air borne - or is it my imagination? Terry came down with a dreadful headcold last Friday - while I was enjoying his company and his Mom and little brother were off to Auburn. Anyhow, I started taking Airborne that afternoon and continued on Saturday - and seem to have avoided the pleasure of Terry's germs that he was joyfully sneezing all over the place. I can only assume that you are all thrilled to read my testimonial.

Brief aside - My sister, Jeanne, would have been 88 yesterday. None of the "kids" in this group could have any memory of her although she bounced both Brian and Jennifer on her knee, so to speak - and probably Julie. I must add, that I still miss her.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I spent most of yesterday, Sunday, feeling rather rotten - cold - oh, so cold. I had pretty well decided that I could not go to a late afternoon party at Barb's - but about four I realized that I felt just fine and the sense of freezing had ended so I hopped through the shower and headed to Barb's.
It was great! All four of her kids were there - one from Hawaii, one from South Carolina, one from Roseville and one from next door. Anyhow, I got to know all those kids when they were much younger - like twenties and early thirties and Sonja, who was 13. My kids can grow up but it is always such a shock to see hers so grown up. So we sat on the deck and talked and talked. There were four other outsiders there plus assorted spouses and children belonging to Barb' kids. Her next door dwelling son, Lance, bar-b-qued hamburgers for all and Barb and her girls prepared all the fixings - so it was a casual but very good supper. Anyhow, I came home with the great feeling that I was glad I hadn't missed being there.
Question - is "hers" correct or should it be "her's"?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Too Quiet!

Jen and the boys headed home yesterday and my dull routine has returned - sort of! I really did enjoy their visit - although their last night here was rather complex as Terry came down with an enormous head cold and by night time he was miserable and thus Jen had a rather miserable night. Fortunately, Tommy decided to really cooperate and did not complicate things. I knew that Jen and Terry were sleeping in "Karen's" bed so that Terry would not waken Tommy. So, when I heard Tommy was ready and raring to go in the morning I grabbed him so he wouldn't wake his Mom and Brother - only to find Terry happily watching cartoons on TV and Jen asleep on the floor below his chair. As things worked out, Tommy fell asleep in my arms following his bottle so I HAD to hold him for over an hour while he slept and that let Jen sleep. So I miss them all!!
Last night I became a movie buff - watching three and heading to bed just before two this morning. I saw "Best of Show", "Spinal Tap" and "Silverado" - the latter is good old western and I just never watch westerns - but this one had Kevin Klein in it and I am a true blue Kevin Klein fan. Once again, Turner Classic Movies came through - although none of these movies are old enough to be classics.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Great accomplishment!

Not by me, but by my youngest great grandson. It was too bad that Jennifer did not get to see what he did. All by himself he worked his way to a standing position - with me hovering (un-noticeably) in case his project did not work. He started with both his hands on the low table that holds the old hardware whatever. Then he eyed the uper reaches and got one hand up there and then two - his next major project was getting his feet underhime so he could stand erect - once that was accomplished he went after the Tv control, my cell phone, the other phone. It was absolutely enchanting to watch him work out all the little details of this wonderful adventure. I wish you all could have been here.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Yes, Tiger did it - in case you have missed the news of Sunday, he got a birdy on the last hole that made him the winner. I was so amazingly happy for him that I actually shed tears. Rich called to share my "excitement" and found me crying instead of shouting. O.K., so I am weird! This just confirms what you have always believed - if it needed confirmation.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

This is a special day!

March 29th - ah, yes - Chris's non-birthday. Let's all sing together, "Happy non- birthday to you, happy non-birthday to you, happy non-birthday dear Chris, happy non-birthday to you." What more can I say than I do hope you have many, many more non-birthdays, Chris.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let's hear it for Grandaughters

My grandaughter cup did run over yesterday - well, almost. Jen had been staying here for a few days with Tommy and Janet came down to visit me. She and Jen had a brief reunion til Jen had to leave. Janet and I went to lunch and bummed around in a beads store awhile and then came back to my home and chatted the afternoon away. It was so special for me to have that time with that very busy gal. It was just plain wonderful!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Most Scenic Photo I Ever Took


I didn't know that I still had a regular print of this glorious photo that I took at Crater Lake quite a few years ago. I do have a poster size print of it hanging in my bedroom. Anyhow, Bob and I had stopped at Crater Lake and he really gave me a bad time for climbing around to add the dead tree to my landscape - he was quite impressed when he saw the results of my effort. Needless to say, it was a very beautiful day at Crater Lake.
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Special things


When Janet was seven or eight she gave me a pale green Beanie Baby Bunny along with this greeting card she made for me. She had laid the bunny on the paper and drew around it - from there she turned it into a Christmas bunny. To say that I have enjoyed it all these years does not do justice to the joy it has given me. The bunny and the picture have been displayed in my bedroom ever since. Janet, it always makes me smile!
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a wonderful day!

Karen and Barry's lunch gathering to honor my birthday became a most special day. It was really neat seeing Rich, Chris, Shellie, Andy, and Alex but when I was sent to the front door and found Jennifer and her boys on the outside - tis amazing that I didn't explode as I was so completely filled with pure joy! Needless to say, it was very special for all of us. Gay and Greg showed up later and that, too, added to the magic of the day.
Yes, I know, most of you blog followers were there - and I did enjoy seeing each of you and thank you for dealing with traffic etc. to be there. I tried to take pictures of my beautiful gladiolas and the mixed flowers but my camera just did not cooperate.
While little babies are inclined to sort of steal the day, Terry definitely outshown his little brother with his great antics. He is a boy that just exudes happiness. I enjoyed the pleasure of having Tommy fall asleep in my arms and thoroughly enjoyed his hour plus nap.
A truly wonderful day!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sisters, Sisters


It is perfectly obvious that Karen was completely thrilled with her little sister - even considering that her little sister knocked her front tooth out while "just playing around". (just joking!) However, Shellie could do no wrong in either Karen's or Russ's eyes. Both Karen's kindergarten and a couple of years later Russ's sixth grade teacher asked me what I had done that made them both just idolize Shellie.
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Russell's 3rd birthday outfit


All Russ wanted for his third birthday was a Hopalong Cassidy jacket, pants, hat and guns. Thus this washed out Hopalong Cassiday outfit that was the most joyous birthday present he ever received. So joyous, in fact, that he just had to sleep in it for a night or two. I should add, that with reluctance on his part, the hat and the guns were carefully placed next to his bed. So joyous, in fact, that it probably did not see a washing machine for several days.

Strangely, if you asked me to remember what he got on any other birthday I could not come up with an answer. That third birthday was so far above any others for him at that time and for me in my memories. We lived in Connecticut at the time and I do believe that this picture was taken at the quite large beach house we rented as we had sold our house and had to move about six weeks before we were to head for California.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Did you know?

The suspense must be difficult to deal with - hang in there - this is too exciting -

Today - 03-03-09 is (Trumpets blow!) is Square Root Day!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009



There should be a picture of the author of this wonderful book - high hopes.

Later - it worked - not perfectly but putting a very old book into my contraption is not easy. Under the picture it says "Yours resspedtively" signed "John P. Squibob" and under that "Note - This autograph may be relied on as authentic, as it was written by one Mr. Squibob's most intimate friends."

Years ago I typed a copy of one of his funniest stories so I could share it with friends - it was all about putting railroad in San Francisco - which would be 2 and1/2 miles long.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Well, my plans for an exciting weekend were dashed on Thursday when Tiger was eliminated from the event. So I sort of moped all day yesterday - it was very much a "poor me day" until I struggled out to the store and bought some goodies along with my normal fairly healthy stuff. Thus I had pizza for dinner followed by some Almondroca and frozen ice cream cone consisting of dark chocolate over the top and mint flavored ice cream in the cone - and more dark chocolate at the base of the cone. It was rather tasty. Now, I just have to accept the fact that I have two days to accomplish much more than I had expected to accomplish - that is, if I can determine just what I want to accomplish. Love you all - Mom/Gramcie

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

O! Happy Day

Yours truly is filled with joyous anticipation (how's that for an overused phrase, Janet?) - Tiger is back and in three minutes the tournament coverage starts and I will be glued (also trite) to my television.

Monday, February 23, 2009

How About Greg?

Not to let Greg escape his creative relatives. Recently I found that "Greg" as a root for unknown numbers of words means - flock, herd, group. I wrote to him that every flock needs a shepherd and am still waiting for him to appoint me "Official Shepherd of Greg". Maybe we all are "Unofficial Shepherds of Greg" and need not await a proclamation.
A few "greg" words - gregarious, segregate, egregious, congregate. There must be many more. And I am sure that none of us realized how frequently "Greg" entered into our conversations.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A true Story About Rich

Quite a few yesrs ago, while Rich and I still lived on Highland Drive, he heard a ruckus outside and went out to investigate. It appeared that two California Jays were attempting to raid the nest of two small birds that had built their home up in a quite large manzanita bush. He chased the jays away and returned inside, only to hear the ruckus resume. Again he bravely convinced the jays to depart. He then decided to investigate the little birds nest and proceded to work his way into the bush to see if their little birds, or their little birds eggs had survived the jays attempts. Much to his surprize, he found himself staring into the eyes of a quite large rattlesnake that was about 10 feet up in the shrub. Rich not so bravely retreated but quickly returned with a hoe and disposed of the evil snake. That is why Rich is known as Richard Almost Braveheart.

P.S. As far as I know, the snake climbed the shrub without the help of any legs whatsoever!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

happy kids - sad goat!

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Happy kids - sad goat!

As you can see, this picture was taken in 1931. Younger brother, Don sitting by me and Older brother Ralph standing. I was 5 1/2, Don two years yournger and Ralph two years older. I always loved this picture. I had, however, thought it was more depression related - I guess it was on the verge of a depression. Anyhow, a man led his goat around with that darling cart and hoped to earn some money taking pictures of darling children sitting in the darling cart.
Recalling this great adventure reminded me of the door to door encyclopedia salesman. In my memory we were gathered on the front porch listening to his spiel and ever so hopeful that mother would buy a set of encyclopedias - we had a fifty year old set that a neighbor had given us but a shiny new set had such appeal. Anyhow, back to the salesman - he decided to enchant us with a story about a snake that consumed a nest full of baby chickens whole. A most amazing thing happened to that snake according to this man (in our eyes he had to know everything because he sold encyclopedias) - the baby chickens legs popped through the snake and he walked on them. Of course, I clearly envisioned the twelve pairs of baby chicken legs all in a row - quite neatly, of course!
Sharing my story with friends reminded one of them of a story his grandmother had told him about a snake swallowing all the eggs in a hens nest whole - his grandmother retrieved all the eggs but one (it broke) - the snake did not survive her retrival method.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Same song - 6th verse

I am in shock - snow level is supposed to be around 4000 feet - I am not located around 4000 feet - however, I just looked out to see if the rain had stopped and found the street white with snow and you can figure out what is descending from the clouds above. Certainly this will not continue through the night - will it?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

no more snow!

Rain - not extreme, however and not incredible winds - almost disappointing.

Same song - ohmygosh, fifth verse

It really can't decided whether to snow or not to snow - it truly becomes rain now and then just to get my hopes up! Barry (bless his heart) came over and dug out my driveway yesterday which allowed me to venture forth to the grocery store. What an exciting day!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Same song - 4th verse

Something is trying to fall - possibly more rain than snow. We did have a few inches of the white stuff during the night - tis likely that as the multitude of storms roll in and out that we may have rain. At this point I will welcome rain and more rain.
Ralph called yesterday - Jan continues to improve and can almost talk - her "voice" is more a whisper as her throat rebounds.
Karen certainly added excitement to a boring day yesterday - tis good that she responded so well to treatment. However, I really prefer boring days.
So it is Valentine's Day and I do hope that each of you with your own "Valentine" have a lovely day.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Same song - third verse!

Yes, I am enjoying another beautiful snow storm - this one is out-snowing both Wednesday's and Thrusday's by several inches and it seems to want to hang around. I just took a picture - possibly to be called YABSP to join the hundreds of beautiful snow pictures I have taken over the years. With a brave heart I will try to post it for your enjoyment.
Sorry, Picasso and I are not getting along this morning - Anyhow, a struggling little tree in my front yard looks like a giant snowball on a slender stick - so your all get busy and visualize this sight!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I went!

Thanks to friends with a four wheel drive I did go to bridge this morning. We did see evidence of how horrible the roads were last evening - and so could congratulate ourselves on being ever so wise. "How was the bridge you ask?" - "Don't ask!" I reply.

To drive or not to drive???

It is decision making time - the roads are snowy - the temp remains in the low 30's - I am due at bridge by 9:30 AM - the roads are also icy. Getting down my hill can be a major challenge - getting up the hill to the Grange building can be a major challenge - decisions-decisions - I hate making decisions!
Barb and I were supposed to go to dinner at a friends in Alta Sierra last night - actually, we were driving down together at five - the phone calls started about four - the decision was made about 4:30 - we stayed home. It was a good choice - many accidents on 49 and it took an hour to get to Alta Sierra on 49 about that time. Sometimes being a coward is good!
The snow itself was quite beautiful and is still likewise this morning - ugh!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rather corny - part 2


This picture was taken in 1937 or 38. Obviously, my Dad came home from work and we headed for the North farm. You certainly can see how proud he was of that corn field while I appeared quite overwhelmed by it all.
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Rather corny!

The memorial for Joan and Chris Mingst was quite nice. I learned so much about both of Barry's parents - very interesting stuff.
At one point they atarted taking pictures and someone decided that all the Iowans should have a picture as Joan grew up in Iowa - Des Moines, in fact, and even attended the same highschool as I. Anyhow, the four Iowans decided to sing the state song to honor our beloved native lands - and we did. The words follow:

We're from Iowa, Iowa
Best state in the land
Joy on every hand
We're from Iowa, Iowa
That's where the tall corn grows! (All waved their arms over their heads while singing the last line.)

Now, I realize that the melody is missing but if you ever want to hear it just let me know!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yours truly will be heading to Rocklin tomorrow afternoon and then on to Napa Saturday for the Memorial. We may or may not stay in San Rafael Saturday night. I will be home sometime on Sunday. There is a chance we will stop by your place, Janet, and get rid of Christmas presents for you. Are you all excited? Love to each of you, M-G

Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's Wonderful

Thanks to Rich, I have a flat screen monitor that so far gazes fondly upon me and does not instigate any major problems. Thanks to Chris, I have a marvelous can opener that does its own thing beautifully even though it looks like it would be useless to even try to use it to open anything!
I had several hours enjoying movies starring Burt Lancaster last night. He is such an excellent actor! Greg, he would be a good actor to study - he does a good job of being the charactor versus acting. My expert opinion is given with no strings attached. The third movie(The Rainmaker) also starred Kathryn Hepburn - she is always amazing.
Love and all that to each of you - MG

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gramcie's College Daze


So, this is for Janet - as springtime approaches she and her friends can strike a similar pose. The gals in this picture are 8/9ths of "The Chain Gang" - can you find me?
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thanksgiving 1966 at Jeanne and Dick's

Have fun identifying who's who. Another day I will do it for you.

Christmas 1966 ...

in Los Altos Hills, California.

From left to right:
Dick Kellogg
Linda Kellog
Maggie Little
Johnnie ???
Richie Towle (with stupid hat)
Mark Kellogg
Carolyn Towle (I really loved that skirt)
Harriet ??? (smoking. SMOKING!!!)
Karen Towle

It worked!


Wow! I did it! These two pictures were taken in Juneau, Alaska at a restaurant where Jean and I had dinner when we were up there for the bridge tournament on a ferry boat. Anyhow, I took these for Russ and brought him the hat that appears on the Remember Russell blog. Again I say, "Wow!"
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A Great Experiment

Yours truly is going to attempt to transport some pictures to my blog - so what, you all respond in a chorus. Well, I am going to do it without having a tutor telling me what to do - step by step. Tis quite exciting for me - and you will soon know the results.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Grass Valley news!

Actually, not very newsy but I am in the mood to bore you with whatever I can dredge up. Like, I just got home from a delightful time with Karen and Barry. We had a nice dinner and lots of chatting. It is, of course, a difficult time for Barry in particular.
I am going to Napa for the memorial for Barry's parents - February 7th, I believe. If any of you would care to join me there let me know. Actually, I will go down with Karen and then stay in San Rafael.
Great fun today - K and I were roaming in the Rocklin/Roseville area and came upon Christmas stuff 90% off - so I have enough bows and name tags and tissue paper for several Christmases probably. What fun! Tis nice having a specific area to store such things - i.e. no problem tucking them away where I will even be able to easily find them come December.
Well, as you can tell my life is not filled with exciting moments - but it is a good life - at least for me. I am still trying to get thrilled with Tesla - it does take focus and I seem to resist any such thing.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More visitors

Jennifer, Matt, Terry and Tommy arrived late Sunday PM and left for home late Monday morning Monday. It was wonderful seeing them and having some time to chat. Most of all it was fun to have Terry and Tommy underfoot of in my lap. Terry rides my exercycle using both the pedals and the arm bars with great pride. Tommy much prefers to be held standing up and happily digs his feet into my tummy. I had an unfinished (due to my laziness) treasure chest for Terry - he was really delighted with it, I had some silly putty inside the box - his first experience with the stuff and like all young lads he found it great fun. He seems to find his little brother rather useless - but shows no jealousy that I have seen. And, Terry set the table for breakfast yesterday morning!
I got Jen and Matt's e-mail address and apparently wrote if down wrong - ugh! Jen took all the blog addresses so maybe she will read this and send me an e-mail so I will be able to send important messages to them. (All of my messages are important!)

Sunday, January 11, 2009


How so much mass confusion was cramed into a mere 28 hours I will never know - this included getting our beauty rest also. Anyhow, I had one grand time with Rich, Chris, Shellie, Greg, Karen, Barry and Gay. Some were part timers - Shellie stayed here and Rich and Chris stayed in a motel. We all missed Jeff who is off in Oregon taking care of snowy and icy roads.
So what did we do - we ate alot. Gay, bless her heart, even brought us breakfast Sunday morning! We had one horrid session of progressive rummy (I was minus about 2 and 1/2 million). We opened Christmas presents. We talked. Rich magically eliminated a great deal of my self inflicted (and I do mean self inflicted - truly) computer confusion and also showed me how to post pictures and a few other things that leave me hoping I will remember how to use use the mouse without moving it or pushing twice. ( As can easily be noted, my computer lingo is rather bad!) Best of all there was lots of laughter!
Rich and Chris left Saturday PM and Karen, Shellie, Gay and I decided we needed to visit the Habitat for Humanity recycle store. That was great fun! How wonderful to see all the left over building/remodeling items being made available for use. It sort of made me want to redo my abode - please note, I said sort of! The really old tools, lathes etc. really tugged at my heartstrings and took me right back to the basement in Des Moines. I did love to use the lathe.
And thus ended the wonderful time. Saturday evening was far too quiet - totally boring etc. But today - ah, yes - I may have Jennifer and one or both of her boys coming here for the night. That will be yet another treat!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Great grandsons ...


Terry and Tommy November 15, 2008


Terry's hero - last October anyway!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Home Again

The time with Brian and Sarah was really great. Best of all was getting to really know Sarah. Almost as good was the time with Brian - especially his most memorable efforts to help me understand the wonders of Nikola Tesla. His enthusiasm was so great that I am now going to read a book and learn all about that man. The weather was fabulous and all the side trips were special. In other words - it was wonderful!
It is good to be back home - don't ask me why as there certainly is a great deal that needs to be done - tis impossible to ignore the obvious. I've already (in fact, just returned from) gone to a meeting of the Homeowners Assn. board. Much to my joy this is Tiger week on the golf channel - of course I missed most of it but am looking forward to a great deal of Tiger golf this evening and did enjoy several hours of it last night.
Ah, yes - it is an exciting life I live.