Saturday, July 17, 2010

Great week!

This has been an amazing week. I have been reading lots on the gold mines in this area - Karen suggested that I explore Russ's "Gold Flat Chronicles" - and I certainly found a gold mine of information. I had not realized that there had been hydraulic mining in Dutch Flat - and the Green Valley - and Alta, and Gold Run - and you name it.
Anyhow, I also learned alot about the law suits that stopped hydraulic mining - really interesting. I have pursued that subject on the internet also - and really am enjoying that subject.
ALso of great interest was all he wrote about the problems with the Chinese - certainly brings to mind the problems with illegal immigrants today. The Chinese were legal but caused major fears all over northern California. San Francisco even many a rule prohibiting Chinese in the city - the federal government over ruled them.
Then I went to a Historical Society meeting and heard a talk about Lyman Gilmore and the never ending question - did he or didn't he actually be the first to fly a motorized craft? The speaker thought not. I came home and did some internet reading re Gilmore and found that he did alot of experiments along the North Fork Canyon - even had witnesses from Colfax on at least one occasion.
Obviously, I could (or may have already) bore you to death. So, with a what's next story I will adjourn. I head for the Museum later this morning and will have the pleasure of taking Terry on a tour - that should be fun. He is really excited.

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